30 Day Carnivore Challenge

Are you ready to transform your health and well-being with a community of like-minded individuals?

Join us on this incredible journey to discover the benefits of the carnivore lifestyle!

30 day carnivore challenge


Why Carnivore?

Ever considered diving into the world of carnivore living but found it challenging to take the first step? Imagine this, embarking on a transformative journey surrounded by a community ready to uplift and inspire you every step of the way. 

The power of 30 days lies in its perfect blend of challenge and achievement – a sweet spot where you can witness the incredible benefits of the carnivore lifestyle. 

Imagine, just 30 days to experience increased energy, improved well-being, and a whole new perspective on your health. And here's the best part – if, by the end of the challenge, you find it's not your cup of tea, you've still triumphed. You've dared to try something new, and that's a victory in itself.

Join us, seize the opportunity, and let the next 30 days reshape your health journey!

Check out the benefits 

Weight Loss

Shed those extra pounds effortlessly.

Improved Digestion

Say goodbye to bloating and discomfort.

Reduce Inflammation

Experience a renewed sense of vitality.

Better Sleep

Enjoy quality rest and wake up refreshed.

Mental Health Improvements

Elevate your mood and mental clarity.

Better Blood Glucose Management

Take control of your health.

Less Cravings

Break free from unhealthy food habits.

Improved Heart Health

Embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Less cooking - Quick and Easy

Spend less time in the kitchen.


Meet Our Guest Speakers

The Fabulously Keto 30 Day Carnivore Challenge Package

What's Included:

  • Weekly Zoom Calls with Guest Speakers
    Dive into insightful discussions with experts.
    Get answers to your burning questions.
  • Private Facebook Group
    Connect with a supportive community.
    Share ideas, ask questions, and celebrate victories together.
  • Private WhatsApp Group
    Experience real-time interaction with fellow challengers.
    Stay updated with timely reminders and exclusive content.
  • Access to Zoom Recordings
    Missed a call? No worries! Catch up with recorded sessions.
  • Documents for Carnivore Levels
    Tailor your experience with documents for various carnivore options.
    Personalize your challenge based on your goals.
  • Meal Suggestions
    Never run out of ideas with our meal plan suggestions.
    Enjoy delicious, satisfying carnivore meals.
  • Special Guest Appearances
    Be inspired by special guests.
    Gain unique insights from experts in the field.

They Say

What They Say

It was a fun and supportive group

I loved doing the carnivore challenge with Jackie. It was a fun and supportive group. 

I got to the 30 days which is the longest I’ve ever done!

I feel my best when eating animal products - if you are curious about this way of eating this may be exactly what you need!

Su Bailey

Having been a lone ranger for most of my nutritional journey I decided it was time to try and see what having group support felt like.

Well, all I can say is everything felt much much easier than doing it on your own.

The group have been non judgemental, made me accountable and kept the humour going during tough times. Having regular speakers was amazing too. Thanks Jackie for setting it up!

simone Cohn

For me as a life long vegetarian, attempting a carnivore challenge was a huge step into the unknown, and was understandably daunting.

Being part of a supportive group of people on the same trajectory however, helped immensely. Jackie is a fabulous host, and all those who were part of that challenge enhanced what I thought was a thirty day experiment, but has turned into an unexpected way of life.

If you are curious, I recommend trying this out, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Maia Sutherland


What are the dates?

Challenge starts on 27th January 2024

Our calls are on the following dates:

Call 1: Friday 26th January 2024 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET / 14:00 EST)

Call 2: Friday 2nd February 2024 18:30 GMT (19:30 CET / 13:30 EST)

Call 3: Friday 9th February 2024 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET / 14:00 EST)

Call 4: Friday 16th February 2024 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET / 14:00 EST)

Call 5: Friday 23rd February 2024 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET / 14:00 EST)

What if I can't make the calls?

All the calls are recorded and will be available to you to watch at your convenience (during the program). 

If can't attend and you have any questions you can submit them up to 2 hours before the call and we will answer them on the call.


What can I eat?

A carnivore diet is predominantly meat, fish and eggs. There are different levels of carnivore and you will be able to choose where you want to start for this challenge.


Do I need to exercise?

The simple answer is no. That said exercise is good for health so we will always encourage movement. It doesn't have to be a formal type of exercise. We want you to move more. 

Any resistance training is good for our bodies. Walking is also good of most people.


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Are you ready to experience the life-changing benefits of the Fabulously Keto 30 Day Carnivore Challenge? Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your health and connect with an amazing community!