Jackie Fletcher

Jackie Fletcher is a qualified Network Nutrition Adviser, Primal Health Coach and Health and Wellbeing Coach, specialising in metabolic health.  She is currently training to qualify as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist.

Starting her low carb journey in May 2017, she moved to a ketogenic way of eating in January 2018, and in May 2023, she has followed a mostly carnivore diet.

Jackie is committed to not only improving her own health and wellbeing but to pay it forward to the wider community through her volunteering, health coaching and podcast. 

She is an ambassador for PHCUK.org (Public Health Collaboration) a registered charity that is focused on improving public health.   

As a health coach, she encourages, motivates and educates clients with a personalised approach to eating real food and a positive way of living.  This message was central to the mission when she founded Fabulously Keto and The Fabulously Keto Podcast.

Jackie lives in the UK with her husband and twin boys. She is a black belt in Taekwondo and trains regularly. Most weeks she can be found open water swimming, even in the winter!