About Us

Jackie Fletcher

Jackie lives in the UK with her husband and twin boys. After starting on her low carb eating journey in May 2017 and then moving to a ketogenic way of eating in January 2018, she has discovered a passion for everything low carb and keto. In 2019 she decided to make low carb and keto part of her vision to help others on their journey to health and weight loss. Jackie has a certificate in the ketogenic diet, is a nutrition advisor and is a trainee Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. She is also an ambassador for the charity PHCUK.org (Public Health Collaboration) dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health.

Louise Reynolds

Louise is a military wife to Andrew and mum to three adult sons. In her working life, she was the first Australian female paramedic to gain her PhD and then moved into university and college teaching roles. Since late 2015, she and Andrew have used low carb ketogenic way of living to address a number of health issues along with maintaining their respective weight losses. In 2018 she was living in the UK where she took the opportunity to live, work and travel while enjoying delicious pork scratchings and clotted cream.  Louise has now joined Andrew on his posting to Bangkok, Thailand.