Reinforce better habits and achieve your goals by investing in the tool you need to TAKE ACTION EVERY DAY

Use my 12 Week Fabulously Keto Diet and Lifestyle Journal to transform your lifestyle once and for all!  

Here you go again. It’s time to get back on that diet.

Maybe it’s one you have done before, maybe it’s totally new territory. Either way, the reason you’re starting from scratch is because, for whatever reason, you couldn’t keep up your old programme for long enough to see real transformation.

You’re not any lighter. You’re not any fitter. Your health hasn’t improved. 

You’re not any closer to feeling the way you want to feel.  

Do you find that most days you tell yourself that tomorrow will be better? Tomorrow is a new day, and you’re going to be “good”. 

But tomorrow comes, and nothing changes. 

It’s all so hard.

Hard to start. Hard to keep it going. You have tried to make changes before to your diet and lifestyle, but you’ve never managed to keep them up.  

As difficult as it is, however, you know that if you don’t at least try and get new habits to stick, you’ll be even heavier or even more unfit this time next year. 

So, it’s time to try something different.

It’s time to learn the secret to making the right changes and sticking with them

You are going to build on the habits that support you and drop the habits that don’t. 

Instead of setting yourself up for failure, you are going to learn to set yourself up for success by making manageable adjustments to your routine that will be both long-lasting and sustainable. 

By investing in the 12 Week Fabulously Keto Diet and Lifestyle Journal, you will be drilling down into your real motivations behind wanting to make a change – and using these to fuel your passion, consistency, and commitment to yourself. 

Taking action every day will keep you moving in the right direction. By the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll feel so proud of yourself for reaching your goal, you’ll be reaching for another copy of my journal to do it all over again! 

What is the Fabulously Keto Diet and Lifestyle Journal?

The Fabulously Keto Diet and Lifestyle Journal is a 12 week journal that encourages you to set goals for either your diet and/or your health and lifestyle.

It works on the principle that by setting clear goals – and having the means to hold yourself accountable for them – you are more likely to achieve them.

The journal provides all the tools, prompts and advice you need to:
  • Identify and track your goals, whether they’re big or small
  • Make manageable, sustainable changes
  • Log all your markers in one place
  • Build better health habits in the long term
  • Create consistency in your routine
  • Learn what works for you, and what doesn’t
  • Change aspects of your diet or lifestyle that you might not have considered before
  • Build on that all-important sense of accomplishment!

Su Bailey, Madiera

The Fabulously Keto Diet and Lifestyle Journal has given me focus on what I want to achieve and how I need to go about it.  I love the daily reflections, and focus on success that I may have glossed over instead I see what I might have done badly.  

I have been consistent in writing in my diary every day to record my meals, exercise and reflections.   The diary makes it very easy to be able to review the day and include everything in one place.

The Fabulously Keto Diet and Lifestyle Journal is for you if…

  • You want access to daily motivation and inspiration from someone who’s been where you are, and understands the challenges you’re facing
  • You’re not quite ready for 1:1 support yet, but you need to find a gentle yet consistent way to start working towards your goals with more success
  • You want to keep a comprehensive record of your achievements so you can remember where you were, recognise how you felt, and admire all the progress you’ve made! 

In this day and age, it feels weird to buy a printed journal, doesn’t it? But pen and paper can hold you accountable in a way that digital products simply can’t. 

Writing every day forces you to carve out time for you.

Bringing words into form reinforces the message you’re telling yourself. 

There’s so much power in writing down precisely what’s happening in your life, in your own way – and then reading it back to see just how far you’ve come since you started. 

You could store your thoughts and ideas in an app. It’s only ever a swipe away, then. But buy a journal, and you get to create something that’s uniquely personal to you

Your paper records will serve as a real-world reminder of how far you’ve come; something you can look on with both curiosity and satisfaction in the months and years to come. 

The digital version is still like writing as you have to write on an iPad or tablet. Before purchasing the digital version please read the important notes. Click the "Buy Digital Journal" to see the notes.

What’s included in my journal?

Everything you need

to set and track your diet and lifestyle goals for 12 whole weeks


to break your goals down into monthly and weekly targets to make them appear more manageable

Meal planning templates

to help you shop smarter and prepare food that will nourish and energise you

A handy habit tracker 

that encourages you to identify and reverse any behaviours that could be sabotaging your progress   

Get your copy

If you are in the UK you can purchase a copy here. If you are out side the UK the link will take you to Amazon.

Digital copy - Digital copies are available anywhere in the world but you must have an iPad or tablet that has a stylus or pencil and an app that allows you to write. For more information click the link to the digital version.

A little more about me,  Jackie Fletcher.

I’m a nutritional advisor and ketogenic diet specialist, and I also co-run the Fabulously Keto podcast. 

Five years ago, I was at my heaviest weight ever. I’d always been overweight, so it wasn’t something that was alien to me – but I was always wishing I was thinner. 

The problem was, I had to diet to shift the pounds. And I was never very good at diets. 

I’d try a diet plan for a short while, but I’d soon lose motivation. 

I’d quickly revert back to my usual way of eating, and the weight would pile back on, plus a bit more for good measure.

Unable to stick to anything, I felt like a failure. I eventually stopped dieting altogether and decided to focus on eating less and moving more. I still struggled, though. I couldn’t cut out the foods that my body craved, and I couldn’t pack in any more exercise into my already hectic schedule. 

But this all changed when I started researching the low-carb lifestyle.

Now, I’ve created the journal I wish I had when I started my journey. 

My Fabulously Keto Diet and Lifestyle Journal contains everything you need to completely transform your diet, your exercise habits, and your lifestyle to become healthier, fitter, and shed that extra weight, if you want to. 

It’s based on the experiences I’ve had, the lessons I’ve learned, and, of course, that age-old mantra: what gets measured, gets done.

Grab your copy today and let’s get you on the path to REAL success!