October 1


004: Audrey Boyle – Local food and living with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease

October 1, 2020

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No-one wants to get a Parkinson's disease diagnosis but Audrey tells us how she is getting herself in the best place to be, to limit the damage and maintain her quality of life.

Audrey Boyle runs a pilates and dance business from coastal Suffolk where she has lived for over 30 years. Originally from Glasgow she appreciates the drier warmer climate and fabulous wetland and grassland wildlife near her home. She is passionate about movement - all sorts from HIIT to Feldenkrais, Pilates and Qigong - sustainable food production, environmental issues and helping people feel better. She and her husband Charlie have two big children living in Bristol and 2 parents in their mid 90s living in Ayrshire. Audrey loves to dance, cycle, garden and kayak and experiment with new crops on her allotment. Last year’s chickpeas were a fail but she hopes the luffas planted this season will yield some eco-friendly pot scourers!

Audrey first got into her diet and lifestyle change when she was at a food festival and listened to a talk from the Weston A. Price Foundation https://www.westonaprice.org about raw milk.

That led her researching cholesterol led her to

Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s book The Great Cholesterol Con


Audrey hasn’t been overweight, she followed this path because of her interest in food production.

Audrey is a science graduate and experimented on herself. She noticed she wasn’t tolerating carbs very well.

Another book Audrey recommends is 

A Doctor In The Wilderness - Walter Yellowlees


Audrey mentions she is a Lean Mass Hyper Responder


Audrey is too thin to fast much and generally has 2-3 meals a day, between 10:00-18:00

Last year Audrey tested positive for Parkingson’s Disease so she is interested in keto for its anti-inflamatory properties.


"I'm a science graduate, but I'm a bit of an experiment myself as well."

Audrey Boyle

"When people say vegan is better for the planet, I don't know if it is really." 

Audrey Boyle

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004: Audrey Boyle – Local food and living with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease

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    • I agree there are a couple of places where the sound isn’t that great. Unfortunately we weren’t using our preferred recording system and the sound is slightly blurry (If you can say blurry about a sound)

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