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023: Daisy Brackenhall – Ketowoman and Fabulously Keto podcast crossover

February 11, 2021

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Daisy Brackenhall

 Daisy Brackenhall is a Brit who has been living in rural France for the past 17 years. She lost half her body weight with weight loss surgery and low carb eating and has since maintained a healthy weight with keto. Keto has also helped her significantly reduce depression and migraines. She is a part-time gardener and lives with her three dogs and cats. 

Daisy is a podcaster and produces two weekly podcasts. In the Keto Woman podcast Daisy chats with extraordinary women and shares their inspiring stories with listeners. Monday Mindset is Daisy’s newest podcast and a collaboration with her friend and psychologist Terri Lance, who works at The Fasting Method. Each week they share with each other and their listeners something that they’ve found inspiring or motivational.

A few years ago Daisy created and continues to run a successful Facebook group for women called Kickarse Keto Bitches. With almost 3000 members from all around the world, the group functions as a safe and inviting community for women to find and offer support to one another.

This crossover episode is the second episode with our KetoWoman and Monday Mindset podcast host Daisy Brackenhall.   We had a wide-ranging conversation over various topics around various life issues. Louise and Daisy are kindred-keto spirits as their respective weight gain and weight loss journeys were very similar, which they found out when they met through the 2KetoDudes group.  Louise was lucky enough to visit Daisy at her acreage in southern rural France when she was living and working in the UK.  Daisy was instrumental as host of her KetoWoman podcast which introduced Jackie and Louise. As they say, the rest is history.

Daisy's Top Tip

  1. Jackie - Don’t drink your calories
  2. Louise -  Menopausal women need to eat to their bodies
  3. Daisy - Love your before

Resources Mentioned



Elena Gros - Migraine buckets


Ally Houston / Paleo Canteen - Keto Ice Cream


Quotes by Daisy Brackenhall

“And that’s a problem for me in the going backwards and forwards too often, that's always the telltale sign for me, if it keeps popping into my mind, we'll just go and get another spoonful of that almond butter, doesn't matter that it's you know, it's you're not having it as a dessert, or whatever it is.”

“I don't know, it's good to do a challenge, isn't it? Because it really gives you a very clear picture of what it feels like to be without it. So you've got a good comparison. So at some point, I might do it, but whether it would ever stick long term? I don't know.”

“I have lymphedema. I haven't had an official diagnosis but I'm definitely a lippy lady as they like to call themselves.”

“So I think it's a really good idea just to find out if you're sensitive to things because knowledge is power, isn't it? And sometimes it can be things that you don't have to avoid completely, you might just have to limit. You know, it might you might have a tipping point where you can have a certain amount, a small amount at the weekends, whatever it is without kicking off a really negative cycle. But finding out these things is so useful, I think to be able to make good choices.”

My diet took up a massive part of that bucket. I've no idea how much but I'm guessing at least half. So when I sorted that out, which for me was keto. My migraines dropped.

For me, it ebbs and flows, the intensity I can have when I'm really in it, I can have days where it's really visceral

“My way of dealing with depression was eating carbs and sleeping. Of course that works really well. Because you get the whole thing you get from the carbs, you get that numbing effect, and then you tend to go to sleep.”

“[I was] putting up a defence literally a defensive wall of fat that kept people away... I look at it as this big defensive wall, if that was a protective layer, I think people often fail to fully understand and appreciate that these things are actually our body's way of protecting us.”

“If you resolve all the problem areas in your life, whatever they are sleep, emotion, depression, migraines, you know, movement, whatever it is relationships, connectivity, not spending enough time outside, all those things. Actually, the weight will probably resolve itself on its own.”

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Keto Woman podcast

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Monday Mindset podcast

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Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/monday-mindset/id1515803126

KKB Facebook group




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023: Daisy Brackenhall – Ketowoman and Fabulously Keto podcast crossover

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