March 4


026 AMA on stalls, strict keto vs low carb, ketones, blood glucose monitoring and loose skin.

March 4, 2021

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AMA on stalls, strict keto vs low carb, ketones, blood glucose monitoring and loose skin.

 This week’s episode is ‘ask me anything’ (AMA) which we wanted to answer questions from our listeners. Questions for our next episode can be submitted through

The following questions were asked by our listeners.  

Why have I stopped losing weight?  I lost 30 pounds over about a year. Now I’m stuck. Still very low carb - less than 20g

  • Homeostasis is a state whereby the body reaches a steady-state
  • Mix things up and keep tricking your body into giving up / losing fat
  • This can be done by tracking - that you’re not over or under eating
  • Carb creep from too much dairy and/or nuts
  • Mixing things up like fasting for longer / shorter periods of time, different patterns.
  • Watch out for the usual suspects such as stress, sleep or over-exercising.
  • You may not be losing weight on the scale, but changing shape, so make sure you take pictures and measurements.  

Do you have any opinion on whether a strict keto diet is more beneficial than low carb, high-fat diet for autoimmune disease? 

  • An autoimmune disorder is one whereby the body’s immune system mounts a response to a particular type of tissue in the body 
  • Conditions such as Hashimoto’s, arthritis, lupus or MS 
  • What are the symptoms - such as inflammation, pain, energy and then you need to find your personal threshold for symptom relief 
  • Depending on the severity of the symptoms 
  • As a suggestion starting with strict keto would be a good place to start and then reintroduce carbs to your threshold symptoms using a symptom diary to see the effects/results.  Conversely, the other way is equally as fine for compliance 

Do higher Ketones mean better weight loss?

  • Ketones are a by-product of fat oxidation.  
  • The Phinney and Volek range is between 0.5 - 3.0 mmol/L 
  • There is no correlation between the amount of ketones and rate of fat loss 

Can I have more information about blood sugar and monitoring 

  • For blood glucose can use a machine like the KetoMojo or CGM 
  • Ketones can be measured in urine (dip strips), blood (monitor) and breath (Ketonix)
  • Consider the cost of the strips into how and why you need to monitor your progress 

I’m worried about loose skin, can I do anything to help? 

  • A really good resource to explain what and why there is loose skin is Ken Berry’s YouTube 

Are ground almonds the same as almond flour? 

  • No, they are different 
  • Almond meal coarser and darker as it is made from raw and unpeeled nuts
  • Almond flour is finer as it is ground from peeled, blanched nuts which are softer 
  • If needing larger quantities for baking, consider buying your nuts wholesale and mill yourself

Resources Mentioned

Dr Boz YouTube on GKI ratio

Dr Ken Berry YouTube on Loose Skin

Keto Mojo

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026 AMA on stalls, strict keto vs low carb, ketones, blood glucose monitoring and loose skin.

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