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027: Dr Michael Bazlinton – Functional lifestyle medicine

March 11, 2021

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Dr. Michael Bazlinton

 Dr. Michael Bazlinton is a UK based Family Doctor (GP). He completed his GP training in 2006. Dr Michael has been practising as GP for the last 13 years.  He saw in the surgery many diabetic patients which was concerning.  In 2017 he started the Bodymapping Clinic. The aim of the clinic is to provide a service for individuals who want to apply science and technology to better understand and manage their health.

Dr. Michael Bazlinton attended and completed the AFMCP™UK training (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) in London in 2018. He now divides his time between being a local GP and working privately in the Bodymapping Clinic.

While growing up in Stebbing Essex, with a dentist father and midwife mother, he had an appreciation for real food’s impact on health and wellbeing.  

At university, however, the demands of medical school meant that his food choices were less than optimal. This started to show up in his health.

In 2014, his brother gave him a copy of Christopher MacDougall’s Born to Run which started him on his journey to health and wellbeing.  Not only did he turn his health around he started helping his patients make changes to their nutrition. His GP practice took low carb on board and are now working out ways that they can help more people without burning out.

Dr Michael Bazlinton shares how his low carb keto journey has informed his GP practice to actively help patients take control of their own health. He also recognises the limitations of the NHS and standard dietary advice which motivated him to set up a functional medicine private practice.  Bodymapping Clinic allows him to support those as a low carb friendly doctor with a desire to holistically regain their health and wellbeing.

Dr. Michael's Top Tips

  1. Measure - Adapt - Improve
  2. Time Restricted Eating
  3. Sleep - get an Oura ring

Quotes by Dr. Michael Bazlinton

“I was trying to sort of find ways to maintain my own health whilst doing a quite sedentary job and find ways to sort of balance the stress and time to keep myself healthy.”

“I've always been hungry. I remember coming home from secondary school. And just eating and eating I was one of four kids so I was the eldest, so you have to learn, you learn to eat quickly to get seconds, that’s why I’ve got good jaw muscles. The one who finished first had first dibs to  have seconds. So I've always been hungry.”

“I think my appetite is driven by stress as well. But also, when I get fat and protein levels up I feel full. I think, personally, it's enabled me to manage the combination of stress from work, life, plus an appetite, plus all the other things that make us eat the wrong thing.”

“So then the next question is how do you help people to maintain behaviour change? And that I think that is a harder question to answer. And I think that's where I am at the moment, How do we actually impart the vision which someone has bought into it, and how do you maintain that momentum? And I think that is, that's where I'm at. I'm trying to work out with patients how to do that.”

My biggest passion is to try and understand how to sort of, sort of trigger the internal motivation for people, so I can, I can give the vision but how do you how do you encourage people to buy in and then have that internal motivation have made some drives themselves.

So I think so, seeing liquid profiles because people have inherited this kind of obsession with cholesterol ‘what’s my cholesterol doc?’. So I tend to talk about whether it's a good profile or a bad profile or whether it's what it says about your diet, and how can we improve it. So, how can we improve your HDL and triglycerides?

“I didn't have to feel hungry.”

“I think the point is that the desire is there, isn't it?  People do want to change their lives. And that's what they really do. And it's actually the disappointments, where they haven't been successful despite huge willpower, that they feel knocked back.”

“This was what Gary Taubes hypothesis that really obesity is a hormonally driven disease, you can't beat hormones, the hormones will just push you. You can't beat hormones with willpower so that that level of hunger.  And if you add stress and challenging family circumstances, it is enough just to beat most people.”

“So what we think what is nice to do is to actually reassure people that they don't have to feel beaten like that and actually they can by a few simple changes, and actually start to beat put the shoe on the other foot and actually start to win and get the health goals that they want. And that's that is exciting.”

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027: Dr Michael Bazlinton – Functional lifestyle medicine

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