March 18


028: Richard Morris – The Influencer Dude

March 18, 2021

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Richard Morris

 Richard is a 55 year old software developer and biochemist who once built financial systems to expose risk on Wall Street and has worked on systems from industrial robots to payroll.  At 38, he was the public-facing chief executive of a major US software component company when he discovered he had type 2 diabetes. At 40 he retired and returned to Australia to devote his time to learn about type 2 diabetes.  He reversed his type 2 diabetes with the ketogenic diet six years ago.

With Carl Franklin, he founded the 2 Keto Dudes podcast (over 250,000 monthly downloads), and the international Ketofest event to help popularize the intervention as a treatment for type 2 diabetes.

At 52 Richard went back to school to study Biochemistry.  He graduated in 2020 and is now working as a student researcher in a computational Chemistry lab working towards a PhD.

2KetoDude Richard Morris set out on a journey to reverse his Type 2 diabetes which included co-hosting a podcast, holding international festivals, conferences and research.  We explore his journey as one-half of the 2KetoDudes, to turning an entire town ketogenic and his plans for computational chemisty research.  

Richard's Top Tips

  1. You can keto anywhere
  2. Teach your boys (and girls) how to cook
  3. Enjoy 16-year-old scotch Lagavulin (in moderation!)

Resources Mentioned

Stephen Phinney

Quotes by Richard Morris

“I was diagnosed with diabetes and at least with pre-diabetes. I had one bad result. So, I decided, well, let's have a look at this, Atkins. I went on Atkins induction for three months. And at the end of that, I had a non-diabetic blood glucose diagnosis.  So essentially, the doctor said, ‘Well, it was a blip. We're not sure why but you know, it looks like you're fine. So whatever you're doing, keep doing it.’  Now, that sort of didn't make any sense to me, why would I have a blip? Why would I suddenly become diabetic and then change my diet and then all of a sudden not become diabetic?”

“I semi-retired at age 40, in 2006, and came back to Australia. I was intending just to live cheaply on the beach in Australia, learn to cook, get myself fit, do some exercise, and work on myself. I had no other big plans other than that. I'd been burning the candle at both ends for 20 years in my career. And so I thought, you know, let's have time to focus on myself a little bit.”

“So gradually over time, I stopped eating Atkins induction. I was adding more carbs to my diet but I was eating healthy vegetables and fruit, you know, eating, quote-unquote ‘healthy’.”

“I went to the doctor in the emergency room with an ingrown toenail that had gotten quite nasty. The doctor said, ‘Well, that's really awful. It's going septic and you know, if you can't control your blood glucose, and I don't think you can, then that toe may have to come off’.  That was like that’s the kind of moment that will set you back on the bottom. I thought, what a minute,  I thought I'd cured myself of diabetes by eating Atkins?  Well, I wasn't eating Atkins at that point.”

Everyone starts out just on Metformin, and we slowly increase the drugs that we're going to give you and try and hold off diabetes for as long as we can.

Long story short, I went ketogenic and reversed my type two diabetes.

“I went for many years when I was just sleeping, on average, about five hours a night. And it's, it's not good. No, now, I mean, commercially, it's a superpower. Because it means that if I'm up against a competitor, and we're both programming code, and he has to have eight hours of sleep a night, I haven't had that I have an advantage of an extra two and a half hours that he doesn't have access to.”

“I believe that the only way that we're going to get out of her ever, ever, the tsunami of metabolic diseases ahead of us is the dietitians have to lead us out of it.  They have to lead us out because they are that they are the subject matter experts.”

“Gary Fettke says you only need 3% of fish in a school to decide to swim in a different direction. And all of a sudden, the entire school is doing it as well.”

“For example, cholesterol, as of 2015 is no longer a nutrient of concern. But we've known since 1936, is not a nutrient of concern, but because we were locked into a dogma where eating cholesterol may suddenly appear in your in your arteries and cause cardiovascular disease.”

Why is the fat man hungry?

“For me, it was just a natural thing to try and understand it myself, my own needs, try and explain it for Carl and his needs. And then when people would approach me and ask me questions, I would try and formulate an explanation that would help them understand that for their needs. And so it's really it is a service. I guess it is a service mentality, first myself then to call into our audience, how that then that becomes of its very nature, a process of influence, but I think because it's an organic one, it's not faking in any way.”

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028: Richard Morris - The Influencer Dude

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