March 25


029: Graham Phillips – Seed Oils and Why They Are Bad For Us

March 25, 2021

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Graham Phillips

 Graham Phillips BPharm FRPharmS is a second generation community pharmacist. He describes himself as “The Pharmacist who Gave Up Drugs! “

Having played a very senior leadership role in the pharmacy profession he became disillusioned with the NHS one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare with its emphasis on waiting for symptoms to arise before treating (suppressing?) them with drugs. He pioneered a new approach using his scientific knowledge, clinical expertise and new technology which resulted in the ProLongevity service. 

The ProLongevity programme helps people who want to lose weight, improve wellbeing and avoid/reverse diabetes, by using new technology to monitor real-time blood sugar  levels.  We provide personalised advice based on your data to help you make changes to your diet and lifestyle. We avoid traditional approaches that treat symptoms after the damage has been done.  Prevention is better than cure.


Graham has two sons, one is also a pharmacist and the other a corporate lawyer. He lives with his partner, Karen (a GP also passionate about lifestyle medicine) in North London.


Like Jackie,  Graham is also an ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration. He believes that the world has become dominated by Big Food on the one hand (makes you sick) and  Big Pharma on the other (makes you 10% better). In the end science must prevail.

Following on from Episode 19, community pharmacist, Graham Phillips, the Pharmacist that Gave Up Drugs comes back to take a deep dive into the topic of seed oils and how damaging they are to our bodies. 

Graham's Top Tip

  1. Read the labels on the back of food products
  2. Understand the nutritional labels on the back of food products
  3. If there are more than 5 ingredients on a food label put it back
    Summarised in a phrase “Eat real food”

Quotes by Graham Phillips

“Medicine is important and it saves many lives, but when I looked at the fact that people just never got better and this new pathway, I can see people improving literally week by week in front of my eyes and I'm busy de-prescribing.  You can't unlearn this stuff and you can't unsee it as a health professional and as a practitioner. Once, you've observed it in your own practice you just can't go back.”

“100 years ago, there were no cardiologists. Why do you think that was?”

“In those days, because there was no cardiovascular disease, cardiology wasn't a thing.”

“If you eat industrialised process seed oils for a lifetime, that's causing the problems in the eye.  It is the equivalent of cardiovascular disease going in the other parts of the body.” 

“This whole history of seed oils is still unspoken, still unknown, and most health professionals still believe you should eat margarine because it's low in cholesterol and low in calories.”

“It's a lot harder to get health professional clients to buy into this than non health professional clients because we've been so ingrained in this stuff because the cognitive dissonance that is really hard to deal with.”

“One of my important messages is don't demonise complete foods, because there are good carbs and bad carbs, and we don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  The same is true with proteins and the same is true fats.”

“I think we all forget that calories equal energy but micronutrients equal nutrition, and I am focused on nutrition, and I very rarely talk about calories, I think that they're broadly speaking irrelevant in most cases.”

“I don't think it's spoken enough to sort of see diabetes in one silo, we see cardiovascular disease in another silo, they all have inflammatory aspects.”

“80-90% of a long life, that’s the one we all want to live, is lifestyle related. How empowering is that because it’s under your own control.”

“So we talk about that group of diseases: dementia, cancer, type two diabetes and hypertension, as a group, but we treat them separately.  Then, we've seen this astronomical rise in all of these diseases over the last 100 years so they are kind of westernised industrialised diseases. They're brand new, modern diseases.”

“Simultaneously with this massive increase in non communicable disease, we've seen a similar unparalleled increase in so called autoimmune disease. It's literally when the body starts to attack itself. And my point about that is - 2 million years of evolution means at the end of it, evolution is so clever that you start to attack our own bodies. I don't think so? It's a new disease, which didn't exist 140 years ago.”

“So, the genes might load the gun, but the environment fires the gun.  So these two things go in parallel and the causes are by and large, the same.”

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029: Graham Phillips - Seed Oils and Why They Are Bad For Us

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