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031: Sharon Betts – Making Choices Easy

April 8, 2021

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Sharon Betts

 Sharon is a qualified Diet and Nutrition advisor and holder of the Ketogenic Diet Diploma (both with distinction).

A serial entrepreneur, Sharon has built and evolved a series of food-based businesses starting from her first market stall in 1992, progressing to a retail shop in 2001, a food service offering “healthy” buffet lunches and vending services to local businesses in 2004, though to her current nutrition-based business both advising and cooking for people following a low carb high fat diet, which launched in 2015. This business continues to have huge success supporting its clients’ weight loss and fitness goals, including improved management of diabetes to reduce or eliminate their medication.

Her business evolution has been guided by her own personal journey. In 2013 she discovered the low carb lifestyle and became one of DietDoctor.com’s first success stories for women over 40. This led her to study nutrition and then ketogenic diets, as she found that the standard nutritional advice was almost the complete opposite to what had worked for herself and many of her clients.

In parallel, and building on her own experience of running meetings to share the benefits of the low carb lifestyle with friends and family, she became the moderator of the Keto UK community group on Facebook in 2016, and set up a sister low carb group. Between them, there are over 70,000 members. Together with her husband, she built a website www.low-carbs.co.uk/ to compliment the groups with extensive content on every aspect of Keto and low carb, and a section to support moderators running the groups.

Entrepreneur Sharon Betts discovered the low carb lifestyle in 2013, becoming one of the Diet Doctor’s showcase stories for women over 40.  She is the moderator of two large Facebook groups with over 70,000 members.  As an entrepreneur she wanted to ensure that busy people have access to low carb, paleo, keto and clean keto ingredients in ready meals to stay compliant with their lifestyle.

Sharon's Top Tips

  1. When going down the rabbit hole, make sure you come back up otherwise you’ll be left with nothing to eat.
  2. Love the skin you’re in - love the way that you are.
  3. Don’t fear the fat.

Resources Mentioned

Low Carb Food Company


Grain Brain - Dr David Perlmutter


The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance -

Dr. Jeff S Volek and Dr. Stephen D Phinney


Gary Taubes 

Tim Noakes

Quotes by Sharon Betts

“The whole journey is getting to a point where you’re instinctively listening to your body and even if you want to eat 5000 calories in one day, then go ahead and eat them. But you’re not looking at that one day, you're looking over the course of a whole week.”

“I do feel that is part of what keto does for you, it brings you to a weight that will work for you.”

“I think it is about accepting yourself, and keto helps you do that in so many ways because it is not just physical, the mental improvements to my mood, to my overall wellbeing is just phenomenal.”

“Education is the biggest problem - we’re not teaching our children what they need to know about nutrition.” 

“Take a month of your life - quit alcohol - quit sugar - quit all sweeteners and see what happens. Because then if you go back to something like sweeteners, like alcohol, like peanuts for example, you will know after a month, the effect that they have on your body.”

“I am the keto police.”

“So what we’re trying to do is create this sort of one-stop-shop where you can come and know that it’s either keto, low carb, paleo or clean keto, whatever version you’re doing, we hope that we’ll be able to cater for you.”

“Maybe I am completely naive and optimistic that all companies will come round to this.”

“Cooking from home is absolutely the best thing that you can do, not just for you, but for your kids to teach them.”

“There is no dictionary of keto, let’s be honest, keto just means keeping your carbs under 20 grams.”

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031: Sharon Betts – Making Choices Easy

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