April 15


032: Amber O’Hearn – Meaty Matters

April 15, 2021

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Amber O'hearn

 L. Amber O’Hearn has an eclectic background, with academic publications in several fields including theoretical mathematics, cognitive psychology, computational linguistics, and more recently, evolutionary nutrition and biology. She has been studying and experimenting with low-carb, ketogenic diets since 1997 and is particularly interested in evolutionary constraints and interspecies differences. Amber has been eating a nearly plant-free diet since 2009.

Amber was brought up as a vegetarian. When she was introduced to the low carb diet she thought it was crazy.

Amber gained weight and had depression with her low carb diet. She didn’t plan to be carnivore. Initially started carnivore as a three week trial. Even in that short time she noticed her mood stabilise. She found that with this way of eating she could come off her bi-polar medication.

More recently she has suffered with food poisoning which has given her gut issues which she has had to deal with.

Amber's Top Tips

  1. Be open-minded - on both directions.
  2. Don’t be afraid of eating protein and at the same time don’t believe the hype that higher protein is better.
  3. Self-experimentation is important to measure the effects of change.

Resources Mentioned

Protein Power: The high protein/low carbohydrate way to lose weight, feel fit, and boost your health - Dr Michael R Eades and Dr Mary Dan Eades


Zeroing in on health 


Quotes by Amber O'Hearn

“The idea of having no plants on my plate, no salad no side of broccoli or any kind of vegetables whatsoever just a piece of meat seemed intimidating.”

“The results were just beyond my expectations.”

“The thinner I got, the more fat I needed.”

“When I first heard of a low carb diet, I actually thought it was crazy.”

“For me to have the same mood all day, was actually quite unusual.”

“Vegetables are really expensive.”

“Oxalates are one of those warfare chemicals, and I think that a lot of people are taking in more oxalates than the body would necessarily optimally be able to handle.”

“It indicates underlying disease and lack of health.”

“Overeating protein is usually not a concern.”

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032: Amber O'Hearn - Meaty Matters

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