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033: Ally Houston – Scoundrel Paleo Guy

April 22, 2021

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Ally Houston

 Ally Houston helps people to be healthy while enjoying great food. He fixed his health by changing how he ate, and was so amazed with the results that he combined his dual background in science and fine dining to found Paleo Canteen in 2017. 

He's the co-author of cookbook Low Carb On A Budget, which has a foreword by Dr. David Unwin, and he is the director of Scoundrel Foods, which sells luxury sugar free ice cream and chocolate.

Ally started paleo in 2015 after struggling with auto-immune conditions. While studying for his PhD, a physics professor introduced him to paleo which he treated with suspicion but made sense scientifically. After doing all that reading and the research Ally felt it was hard not to conclude that eating low carb is extremely healthy and if you have metabolic and auto-immune conditions it is a great way to prevent them from reoccurring and to heal them.

Ally noticed the difference straight away, within a week his chronic heartburn had gone and the extra weight that he had melted away and stayed off.

He was so amazed that he started his own company in 2017 called Paleo Canteen. He started in a nightclub serving food. Plus he would do events on the high street and at Real Food Rocks Festival.

In 2019 Ally brought out a low sugar ice cream Scoundrel which is currently only available in Glasgow.  In addition, he is an author and podcaster, having co-authored a cookbook Low Carb on a Budget and hosts the Paleo Canteen podcast.  

More recently he has created a Scoundrel low carb chocolate which helps chocoholics transition to low carb.

Ally's Top Tips

  1. Ask a lot of questions.
  2. Add in paleo components.
  3. Find like minded people.

Resources Mentioned

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Quotes by Ally Houston

“I decided I was going to really properly tackle the weight thing. And I tried calorie restriction, which of course, works in the short term. And you just start to get very, very hungry again. So I put the weight back on, and I was really bummed out by that.”

“I’m sure that I share this with a lot of people who start low carb and that they want replacement food for things that they’re used to eating all the time.  And for me, that was ice cream.  It was a bridge away from eating the worst foods.”

“If you look at campaigns, like the Eat-Lancet campaign, to reduce meat consumption and to increase consumption of highly processed, fake meat, you know, some companies that are involved in that group include Unilever and Barilla the pasta maker. You know, you can see how this is kind of in some ways of a battle for calories, you know, you can't patent beef.”

“Food companies aren't the devil they just respond to demand.”

“We do, collectively the world, love processed food. It’s highly addictive, it’s satisfying in a short term way and comforting in a short term way. It’s like other addictions like I used to smoke a lot of cigarettes.  If I had my back against the wall and I was stressed out or abroad and lost, I could always get cigarettes, they were like an old friend. I think a lot of people feel like that about sugar and other foods, it’s a comfort, it’s always there for you.”

“I think you get the Goliath’s who start responding to this kind of demand by making pseudo keto products, they’ll make something that they say is keto but if you really dig down, it's a bit of a chemistry experiment and it’s not great.”

“These interventions where people just change the way they eat, is reversing the diabetes, it’s preventing them from having diabetic amputations,,  improving their energy, their mental health, their weight, their blood pressure, their cholesterol, their triglycerides.”

“You can't put this genie back in the bottle now, it’s out, and that’s it. I think it’s reaching critical mass.  It’s game over the for the detractors, pretty much.

“So for me, the focus is about how healthy are you? How do you feel emotionally? Maybe you could see how you’re doing in terms of your waist to height ratio.”

“Focusing purely on rapid weight loss is unhealthy.

“I think that's why there's this big argument that people say that you can't run a bad diet, which is technically true, I think but it might convey the message that exercise itself is not important, which I think it really is.”

“Change what their weight set point and eat to maintain that set point.

“So I think every day's a school day and there's a lot of misinformation that goes around in forums and groups and everyone outsources their thinking.”

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033: Ally Houston – Scoundrel Paleo Guy

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