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035: Nikola Howard – Low Carb UK

May 6, 2021

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Nikola Howard

 Nikola is an award winning coach, author, speaker, human physiology mentor, educator, woman in technology, orchid obsessive, and has been low carb since 1999. She is on a mission to free people from Diet Prison, remove the linguistically horrific words “weight loss” from common usage and her mission statement is to ‘assist the UK to eat itself healthy.”

Nikola also wants to disrupt the diet industry paradigm and move us away from guilt and shame when it comes to food and our bodies. She is one of the only people working within the diet industry to work on the mental/mindset side of body composition management, to break people away from “victim mentality” and so ensure long term success.

This week’s episode, we catch up with Nikola Howard.  She recently earned an award as  Nutrition Coach Mentor of the Year and is on a mission to ‘assist the UK to eat itself healthy’ by disrupting the diet industry. 

When Nikola chose her mission at the beginning of 2020 to be to empower the UK to eat itself healthy, she didn’t realise how vital that statement would be. Sars Covid 2 affects people more if they have underlying health issues. Nikola explains that eating a low carb, real food way of eating helps heal some of the health issues we face.

Nikola’s aim is for people to have long term success not just short term weight loss. Her model is you get healthy, you get your optimal body back and you get an empowered mindset so that you don’t need to fail and keep coming back. She helps people to succeed.

Nikola's Book

Nikola has some e-books here:

Nikola's Top Tips

  1. When getting started don’t go in hard and fast.
  2. Listen to your body.
  3. Focus on one thing.

Resources Mentioned

Public Health Collaboration

Don't Eat for Winter: Unlock Nature's Secret to Reveal Your True Body - Cian Foley

Indistractable: How to control Your Attention and Choose Your Life - Nir Eyal

Quotes by Nikola Howard

“My mission is to enable and empower the UK to eat itself healthy.”

“Low Carb Living UK is taking the best parts of a weekly diet club and pairing that with empowering, choice and a system that’s going to work for them long term, forever.”

“The current market is rigged towards people failing and returning, lots and lots and lots.”

“You don’t fail, you just make life and you make choices.”

“We have all been mis-served by the eat less, move more, it’s your fault if you fail paradigm.”

“It’s not the season for carbs.”

“I put my faith in fact, I put my faith in empirical evidence.”

“Focus on one thing, concentrate on what you know, your zone of genius is, and eat the best food you can afford to buy.

“I'm a great believer in find what works for you, and then do that lots.”

“What are your old patterns of comfort? How can we give ourselves new patterns of comfort, and also find the small bits of certainty that we can give ourselves.

“We don't think about things in a holistic manner.”

“All the stuff I do is about restoring that choice to people which I think going cycling right back. The food industry and the diet industry are all about removing choice.”

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Low Carb Living UK

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035: Nikola Howard – Low Carb UK

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