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038: Sheila Docker – Primal Va Va Voom

May 27, 2021

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Sheila Docker

 Sheila Docker from The Primal Zone is a certified online primal health and wellness coach.  

For 30 years Sheila suffered with inflammation of the gut that caused constant headaches, bloating, joint and skin issues, together with exhaustion and depression, impacting her ability to work, care for her family and live a vibrant life. However, 10 years ago Sheila turned her life around by healing these challenges, lost 20lbs and transformed her energy and mindset all whilst running a business and raising a family.  

Since 2012, she has been living a primal/paleo/low carb lifestyle, which not only focuses on nutrition, but also mindset, movement and stress triggers.  A complete overhaul, specifically what she was putting in her body and how she was moving it.

She has loved this way of living and the understanding of what choices influence mind, body and soul.  So much so that, Sheila is now an accredited Primal Health Coach, helping others with similar health challenges that are a result of the global epidemic of today's highly sedentary and processed lifestyle.

After a 30-year struggle with inflammatory issues which impacted her mental and physical health, Sheila was frustrated that she could not seem to fix her health problems.  She came across Mark Sisson’s ‘Primal Blueprint’ and changed her way of eating to gluten free where her energy, mental clarity and mindset changed. Her inflammatory issues which had been a lifelong problem were resolved and she is living her best life.

Sheila's Top Tips

  1. Don’t punish yourself - if you’ve eaten something that goes against what you’ve thought is your lifestyle, then enjoy it for what it is, make it the best quality.
  2. Be mindful - how that makes you feel.
  3. Be gentle on yourself, stop beating yourself up and don’t self sabotage.

Resources Mentioned

The Primal Blueprint - Mark Sisson

Public Health Collaboration UK 

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway: How to Turn Your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action - Susan Jeffers

Quotes by Sheila Docker

“I wasn’t present at times.”

“I may have missed out on things I could have done with my children that I just wasn't well enough to do.”

“I've been to nutritionists and doctors and to health clinics. I tried everything. What they were actually saying to me to do actually it's completely the opposite to what I'm doing now.”

“Cutting those out - it was tough because we become addicted to those foods.  They are just everywhere. But cutting those out made a huge difference.”

“Junk is the problem, real food is the answer.”

“When you go to a doctor, they don't have time to really dig deep into what your issues may be and what may be causing them. It’s like putting a sticking plaster over what's happening. It’s solving one of the symptoms maybe but not solving what the root causes.”

“Depression came in and you know, living like that isn't necessary. That's the biggest thing. It's not necessary to live like that. If it is inflammatory and  if it's food related, you can turn it around.”

"I'm very mindful about anything I put into my body and how that makes me feel. And it's the gut that tells me that.  But it tells me in different ways, because it becomes inflamed, and then that inflammation may travel to other parts of my body.

“I feel stronger, fitter, healthier, sexier, younger, more adventurous than I did in my 30s and 40s.”

“One of the things that Mark Sisson says in the Primal lifestyle  is about thriving, not just surviving.”

“Sheila’s tips for gut health: 1) drink plenty of water 2) be mindful about eating 3) cut out grains 4) cut out sugar 5) cut out beans and 6) be gentle on yourself.  If you are going to have something that is not gut friendly, then make sure it is good quality, enjoy it and then move on.”

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038: Sheila Docker - Primal Va Va Voom

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