June 3


039: AMA – Ask Me Anything

June 3, 2021

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AMA - Ask Me Anything

 This week, Jackie and Louise have another AMA or Ask Me Anything episode.  Louise decided to ask Jackie some questions.  Jackie wasn’t going to let Louise get away without answering the questions too. We find out more about what Jackie and Louise are doing and what hacks they are trying out. Find out more about their 100 day challenge.

Quotes by Jackie Fletcher and Louise Reynolds

“What is your why? ”

“How is the 100 day alternate day fasting going?”

“How is the Thermomix going?”

“Are you really a moderator or abstainer?”

“I decided I wanted to get to 107” - Jackie Fletcher”

“I am protecting the tool” Louise Reynolds”

“The street food - It's cheap, it's delicious, it's flavourful but it's cooked in these crappy seed oils.” Louise Reynolds”

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
039: AMA – Ask Me Anything

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