June 24


042: Dr Brian Lenzkes – Low Carb MD

June 24, 2021

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Dr Brian Lenzkes

 Dr. Lenzkes is a board certified Internal Medicine physician who was in a standard medical practice for 18 years who now practices in  a Direct Primary Care clinic focusing on metabolic health and wellness. He is the co-host of the Low Carb MD Podcast and host of the Life's Best Medicine Podcast. He has an undergraduate Biology degree from UC Irvine and attended medical school at USC. 

He lives in San Diego, CA with his wife, two daughters and a couple of Labradoodles.

Dr Brian's Top Tips

  1. Stress less.
  2. Build a community.
  3. Be active.

Resources Mentioned

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting - Jimmy Moore and Dr Jason Fung MD


The Obesity Code - Dr Jason Fung


Diabetes Code - Dr Jason Fung


Why We Get Sick: The Hidden Epidemic at the Root of Most Chronic Disease―and How to Fight It - Benjamin Bikman


Quotes by Dr Brian Lenzkes

“You start realising the incentive plan is skewed in a way because the sicker you get, the more I get paid.”

“The reason that doctors think that diet doesn’t make a difference is because they were putting them [their patients] on the wrong diet and it wasn’t working.”

“I realised 80% of the people probably didn’t care what I was saying because they are not going to give up their junk food and what they are doing.”

We have to change the standard of care.“

Enjoying the journey, you can’t just wait until the summit to look down and enjoy, you have to take a breath and look around and go WOW I have come a long way.” 

“In 6 months I had 11 people come off insulin.”

“I've seen these, these miracle drugs coming out, they're touted and everyone says “This is gonna change the world” and they come out and kill people and you go, this isn't a good thing.”

"The number one thing they tell me is ‘I'm not hungry all the time and I feel free from food for the first time in my life’. I hear that every day in my career right now."

"It's like when you have success, then they're going to come to you and go ‘what are you doing now?’ They may have thought you were crazy three months ago, but now you have to weather the storm and do what you believe in."

"That N=1 I love, it’s like one person, it’s you."

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Fabulously Keto
042: Dr Brian Lenzkes – Low Carb MD

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