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047 Liz LePla – Passionate Patient Advocate

July 29, 2021

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Liz LePla

 Liz was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 4 years ago, and although she had been overweight her whole life, she felt she was eating healthily,  in line with national guidelines.  Plenty of fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, low fat or fat free yogurts and margarines etc.  Her GP prescribed medication for her diabetes, but she had read that it was possible to put Type 2 diabetes in remission without medication, and after a little bit of research, she decided to follow Michael Mosely's 8 week Blood Sugar Diet.  Within three months she had put her diabetes in remission, and lost three stone (42 lbs or nearly 20 kg)! 

She subsequently joined the Public Health Collaboration, a National Charity dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health, and two years ago started to run low carb courses for several local GP surgeries.  She has maintained her own remission from Type 2 diabetes AND the weight loss for almost four years by following a low carb lifestyle, and continues to  help others do the same. 

Liz LePla was prediabetic and decided to follow the NHS and diabetes guidelines. She ended up with Type 2 Diabetes, despite following the advice. She was in her 60s when she was diagnosed. She put her diabetes in remission, lost 4 stone in weight and has managed to keep it off.

As well as running her own business she is also an ambassador for the PHC UK (Public Health Collaboration) Charity. She now works with local GP surgeries in helping others put their Type 2 Diabetes into remission. Hear some of the challenges she has had with GP surgeries and some of her huge successes.

This is a long episode but we hope you enjoy listening to Liz.

Liz's Top Tips

  1. Cut out sugary starchy carbs
  2. Exercise
  3. Everything you change is a positive

Resources Mentioned

BBC Documentary - Trust Me I’m a Doctor


The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet: Lose weight fast and reprogramme your body: Lose weight and reprogramme your body - Dr. Michael Mosley


PHC UK (Public Health Collaboration) - charity 


The Big Fat Surprise - Nina Teicholz


Diet Doctor


The Magic Pill 



Quotes by Liz LePla

“My GP gave me this information. I saw her and she said, ‘You know, you can do quite a bit with diet’. But I said, ‘I think I am eating healthfully?”

“But I could immediately see that this made sense, if your problem is that you've got too much glucose, if you stop putting the glucose in, you're not gonna have such a problem.”

“When I first heard that 800 calories a day for eight weeks, Gawd, I'm going to be absolutely starving, hungry for eight weeks. I mean, you know, it's going to be awful. But, you know, eight weeks, what's eight weeks in terms of a lifetime?”

Myself and others who come from the patient perspective, we've experienced remission from type two diabetes and feel passionate about helping others to do the same.“

Please say, ‘Ohhh no, I couldn't give up my bread, couldn't give up my toast’. Well, frankly, giving up toast, I'd rather give up my toast than lose my toes.


“But lo and behold, I wasn't hungry. I mean, I couldn't believe that I wasn't constantly hungry.”

“You understand the connection with the diabetes and the terrible consequences of not controlling your diabetes.”

"If you eat low fat, it has to be high carb you there's no alternative."

"I’d rather give up my toast than lose my toes."

"It's really strange how people can see the evidence in front of their eyes, and yet ignore it."

"So I thought this is not helpful is it? If the healthcare professionals are not on the same sheet, although, the surgeries, in theory, were behind this course and I'm supposedly doing it with the surgery, if half of them are not with it."

"You are not going to ever make them see that meat is probably one of the most nutritious things you can have."

"And the idea that they might actually manage to ban meat eating and shut down all agriculture is just horrifying to me."

"Feeding grain to cattle is not good for the cattle, you can't feed them on grains and expect them to grow old, because they won't they'll get sick, just as we get sick, is not a natural diet for them either. Their digestive systems were designed for grass, not for grains."

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Fabulously Keto
047 Liz LePla – Passionate Patient Advocate

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