August 5


048: Dan Greef – Deliciously Guilt Free

August 5, 2021

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Dan Greef

 Dan Greef is an entrepreneur and owner of Deliciously Guilt Free. He is also an award winning podcaster with his show UK Low Carb which won an award in the podcasting for business awards in 2020. He has been named a top 10 foodpreneur by Yahoo Finance for Deliciously Guilt Free. And is passionate about having food which is totally keto, healthy and full of nutrition. Dan is husband to his wife Basma, who is his business partner and he has two children who are five and two years old.

In this episode we talk to Dan Greef, owner of Deliciously Guilt Free and podcast host of UK Low Carb. Dan has a keen interest in politics and evolutionary history.  In a wide ranging discussion, we talk about how the low carb movement needs to be a grassroots movement to effect change, the evolutionary history of food production and how many of our modern day diseases can be attributed to our modern food production and systems.

Dan's Books

Deliciously Guilt Free Food

UK Low Carb podcast 

Dan's Top Tips

  1. Eat real food
  2. Don’t fear salt
  3. Sleep is the best free medicine that nature can provide

Resources Mentioned

TEDEx - Sarah Hallberg

Grain Brain - Dr David Perlmutter

Wheat Belly - William Davis MD

Food junkies: Recovery from Food Addiction - Vera Tarman

Quote - Confucius

“We have two lives and the second begins when we realise we only have one”

Quotes by Dan Greef

“I think I've just had a lightbulb moment of understanding myself and realising that I was always blaming myself. You know, individual responsibility is very important. However, if the rules are set up against you, you don't have a chance to succeed. Then what chance do you have? I realised very quickly that I was following the rulebook which works against my body.”

“I remember clearly sitting on the sofa at home, watching the Sarah Hallberg video and it just was like, Whoa, paradigm shift.”

“You are somebody who is living with your body. And you have to find out how you work. And I think that's been a real discovery for me.”

I thought okay, what's the harm in one meal because I want to eat something. So I had that meal.  That was in October and by Christmas, I was still eating carbs. What's happened here?“

So I've had a few resets over time.


“I think identifying what is your trigger, or what trips you up is really important. None of us got the final answer. It's only what's right for us and how we work. Getting to know yourself is, I think, the key thing to following a lifestyle is to be healthier.”

“You would never say, ‘That fat cat is a lazy cat’. And that's why it's fat. If it just walked more and did more exercise, that cat would be healthier. We know for a fact that that cat is fat because the owner is feeding the wrong food. We just know that, we all know that.”

"I find it really odd, how we separate ourselves from the animal kingdom realising that every species on the planet has evolved to eat a certain way. They didn't choose it. It's just the way that evolution threw the dice."

"I think there's another element to this, and that's vested interest, there's a lot of money behind this."

"I think, actually knowing what your food is, is really important, isn't it?"

"Maybe one day we'll move away from sugar and realise how bad it is."

"This is the human way. You know, humans are sociable, collective, great working people."

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048: Dan Greef - Deliciously Guilt Free

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