August 12


049: Christine – Black People Keto

August 12, 2021

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 Christine is the creator and owner of BlackPeopleKeto. The brand and platform created to transform dishes with an African and Caribbean influence into delicious nutritious keto dishes, alongside fitness advice and inspiration with the aims of aiding the weight loss journey of many. 

By day she works as a manager in the asset management industry and is also the co-chair of the Socio-economic Mobility (SEM) Committee at her firm. Responsible for raising awareness of SEM issues; whilst inspiring and encouraging applicants from less affluent backgrounds to enter careers in the industry.

She's an author and has recently published her first cookbook based on the keto diet via her platform BlackPeopleKeto.

Finally, she would describe herself as a “lover of learning and teaching”, a comedian and a keto expert!

In this episode we talk to Christine from Black People Keto. Christine was fed up with the cycle of gaining and losing weight as her old ways of losing weight weren’t working for her. Having tried keto twice before, Christine knew that it worked but it wasn’t sustainable for her because the foods she was eating didn’t fit into her African-Carribean culture.  She then set about to keto’fy Afro-Carribean foods as she knew it would mean greater success, sustainability and stop the gain-loss cycle. 

Christine's Books

Black People Cookbook Volume 1

Christine's Top Tips

  1. Be Consistent
  2. Don’t set an end date
  3. When you start - take out all the food that is not keto friendly and display it so you can see how much bad food is in your cupboards.

Resources Mentioned

Low Carb Food Co

Quotes by Christine

“I started because I lost my sense of taste, I started eating lots and lots of different food, I'm trying to figure out, what can I eat, what can I eat.”

“I'm from that generation that whenever you eat, you finish your plate.”

“So it got to the point, once I realised just how much weight I've gained, I could no longer actually lose that weight, the usual way that I would lose weight. I would usually lose weight from exercise.”

But my thing about this time around was that I always had enough of being in that cycle of gaining-losing-gaining-losing. I wanted this to be the permanent time, where it's gone forever. It's not coming back.“

I thought to myself, okay, let me just do keto, because I've done it before, but let me try and make it in a way that I can keep it consistent and keep it forever ultimately.


“I started looking at different keto pages and the keto diet, and I couldn't necessarily find one that fits into the diet that I'm used to.”

“So I just started, I thought to myself, you know what, I'm just going to start re mixing all of the meals that I eat from my culture for my cuisine and make them keto friendly. And that for me, it was the best way to eat foods that I'm used to, and make it keto so I can keep it consistent over a long period of time.”

"I remember I was with my friend and he said something to me that kind of stuck in my head to this day, it was ‘how much do you actually really want it?"

"It was a realisation of ‘Oh my gosh, my house has been packed with sugars and carbs for the longest time!’ And thinking about how much money you spent on those foods and like now I need to go do a whole new food shop or buy things to restock!"

"So they saw that I was consistent. They saw that I was losing weight. They saw that it was working. And I was dedicated because I was always coming to the house and I would bring snacks, I always have keto snacks with me."

"I'm just like, always preach it!"

"It is quite difficult because especially when diets is really connected to culture, and your background."

"This is something that's for health, not going against the culture. "

"You're not losing the traditions of the foods that you would normally eat, you're still carrying it on, but just in a different way."

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049: Christine – Black People Keto

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