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050: Netta Gorman – Life After Sugar

August 19, 2021

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Netta Gorman

 Netta Gorman is the person behind Life After Sugar... because real life carries on even when you're sugar free. Netta has been living happily free from sugar, flour and sweeteners since July 2015 (6 years now!). She spent most of her thirties and early forties struggling with chronic constipation and digestion issues but she never thought that her love for chocolate and desserts had anything to do with it. Doctors kept telling her to eat more fibre, but this was making things worse, not better. 

In July 2015, she got to a breaking point where her pain and suffering was so bad that she decided to do something she'd never tried before: cut out sugar, flour and sweeteners for a temporary period of just 2 weeks. And to her complete amazement, she felt so much better that she just carried on and never looked back! 

One thing that still amazes her is that her tastes changed, and now she doesn't even *like* sweet tastes any more (whereas before, she was the world's #1 sweet tooth). And most of all, the one word that sums up her life after sugar is "freedom" - freedom from cravings, from energy crashes, from that love-hate relationship with sugar, from all the health issues she had. And this is why she decided to help other people to get to this place of freedom and peace with food and with themselves, with the Life After Sugar Program.

Netta Gorman wasn’t overweight. She considered herself slim even if she did have a muffin top and was carrying a few extra pounds but she suffered with depression and terrible chronic constipation. She didn’t want to believe that sugar was the culprit and didn’t want to give up sugar until her pain got so bad. Her two week trial made such a huge difference that she just kept going. Netta has incorporated fermented foods into her everyday life which helps with her gut issues.

Netta's Top Tips

  1. Go with me and see how wonderful life is after sugar
  2. Be aware that your tastes can change
  3. Give it a try and don’t wait until Monday

Resources Mentioned

Villi Yoghurt Starter Culture

Mesophillic Starter Culture

Quotes by Netta

“She [nutritional therapist] suggested to me to see whether my digestive issues were due to what I was eating, so just for a period of two weeks to cut out sugar, grains, and sweetness, and even berries.”

“The way that I was dealing with my issues, or my pain, or my anxiety, whatever was to eat chocolate. I wasn't going to cut out the only thing that made me feel better. So I resisted that for the longest time.”

“I went to the supermarket and just sort of wandered around aimlessly, picking things up on the shelves and putting them back again. Because I was looking at the ingredients, and they all had some form of sugar or flour.”

I finally cottoned on to the fact that real food or whole food doesn't have added sugars or grains, then I sort of had this epiphany in the grocery store. Oh, well, I'll just have fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, you know, and nuts. And I'll be fine with that.“

I don’t identify myself with how I eat.


“We tend to think that if you don't have a weight problem, then you don't have a health problem”

“If you know about the fermentation process, you know that in Kombucha the good bacteria will eat up the sugar for you”

"We’d like to believe that wine is a probiotic drink because it is fermented."

"I don’t care what you drink and what you eat, I care about how you feel."

"I still have the buying power"

"It’s the crunchy engineered crunch and the saltiness that gets me"

"I used to be the world’s No. 1 sweet tooth"

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Check out her podcast "Life After Sugar".

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050: Netta Gorman - Life After Sugar

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