October 14


058: Belinda Fettke – Uncovering the Vegetarian Agenda

October 14, 2021

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Belinda Fettke

For more than half a century we’ve been told to eat a diet high in grains and low in saturated fat and instead of improving health outcomes the incidence of non-communicable disease has escalated. 

Discovering Belinda's husband, Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Gary Fettke, had been targeted for 'active defence' by the cereal industry in 2014 and subsequently became the only medical doctor in the world - 'silenced' - from providing nutrition advice to his patients; people with metabolic disease and the complications of Type 2 diabetes, requiring debridement and even amputation of their lower limbs, was unbelievable... 

Belinda began her research into the vested interests and ideology shaping our dietary and health guidelines to clear Gary's name. She began asking why 'plant-based' dietary and health guidelines had become strict rule books, who was writing them and who was defending them! Incredibly she discovered... the answers were buried in the pages of history.

Belinda Fettke was the voice during the time when her husband, orthopedic surgeon, Dr Gary Fettke was being silenced by the cereal industry.  She uncovered deep in the history books, that our dietary guidelines, research and medical curriculum was being rewritten to remove animal protein and fat, replacing them with fruit, grains, nuts, seeds and plants as ‘God’s appointed diet for man’. This is clearly not evidence-based but ideological and religious.  Now our doctors, nurses and dietician education is being influenced by the food industry and religious sects. 

Who Was Belinda's One?

David Gillespie 

Sweet Poison: Learn how to break your addiction with sugar for life - David Gillespie


Belinda's Top Tips

  1. Eat for your health - Eat fresh, local and seasonal 
  2. Don’t fear the fat 
  3. Find a good community that you can discuss and debate with - who are not afraid to question

Quotes by Belinda Fettke

"I've always been a butter girl, so thank goodness butter came back"

"This is a tsunami of disease and it's shocking" 

"Why is the orthopaedic Association not saying “Incredible” we can actually improve health?"

"They taught them (doctors) how to Band Aid sick care, they taught them how to medicate and do surgery"

"This was a hit job" 

"They believed that meat caused maturbation" 

"Why have we suddenly got health food aisles in the middle of our supermarket when the health food is really on the outside."

"I actually took a step in front. And I used my voice to give Gary his back"

"The Dietary guidelines have made us even sicker" 

 "Why are we being told this, why have we suddenly got health food aisles in the middle of our supermarket, when the health food is really on the outside" 

"The dietary guidelines don’t make any sense, they are about protects profits and a prophet" 

"How exciting to have options for patients rather than Band-Aiding sick care"

"What the hell is wrong with the system?"

"Science evolves by being challenged, not by being followed"

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058: Belinda Fettke – Uncovering the Vegetarian Agenda

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