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059: Eranda Wickramasinghe – Engineering A Diabetes Solution

October 21, 2021

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Eranda Wickramasinghe

 As the Harpenden Ambassador and volunteer for the UK charity, The Public Health Collaboration, Eranda is a passionate patient advocate for anyone suffering from type 2 diabetes, prediabetes or obesity: it’s possible to reverse* these through simple and manageable lifestyle changes, to feel happier and healthier, and to live a life of abundance. (*technical term is remission)

It starts with hope, the simple idea that “things can get better for me and there is a realistic way for me to feel happier and healthier”. Hope combined with support opens up a world of possibilities. It doesn’t take superhuman effort or willpower, it just takes the willingness to believe things can get better and to take small steps to make it so, with support every step of the way.

Eranda is also the proud dad of a wonderful little boy and considers himself the luckiest husband in the world with the most brilliant, beautiful and supportive wife he could hope for. He is grateful every day for how positive changes have transformed his life for the better.

Eranda Wickramasinghe reversed his Type 2 Diabetes in twelve weeks using a low carb approach. It wasn’t for the lack of willpower, he had run 13 marathons. It was the advice that was the problem. He found hope by having a strategy that he could make significant changes to improve his health. There was no stopping him. 

He now works to bring home to others do the same in his community as an ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration UK. He considers himself a role model for others around him who want to make the change and improve their health and their lives.

Eranda's Top Tips

  1. Don’t panic - have hope - that is where it starts
  2. Chose the style of change that suits you
  3. Focus on yourself and don’t waste your energy on convincing others

Resources Mentioned



Dr Jen and Dr David Unwin video


Atomic Habits - James Clear


Be Brilliant Every Day: Use the Power of Positive Psychology to Make an Impact on Life - Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker


Sidney Banks

The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness: The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness - Prof Steve Peters


Quotes by Eranda Wickramasinghe

"So my grand plan was I'm going to cut calories, as I've done before, do huge amounts of exercise, drop all the weight, and then go to the doctor surgery."

"The hunger always won" 

"Their message of hope really resonated with me"

"I get to be the dad that I want my son to remember"

"It’s not a deficiency in willpower that is the problem" 

"The mainstream advice just doesn’t work" 

"Eat less - move more is not a method, it is a result"

"Mass-produced C.R.A.P. adds to the bottom line of some very big corporations"

"I almost don’t think of UPF (Ultra Processed Food) as food any more I think of it as numbers on a balance sheet somewhere, making somebody richer " 

"If they get hope and support - it is easy" 

"So the physical part of my recovery only took about 12 weeks. But the emotional part of my recovery, it's taken me, I'd say, a year and a half to two years." 

"On a personal level, I've done a lot of work already in terms of how do I cope with stress, how I cope with negative emotions without turning to food for self-soothing."

"So my approach with him is: I don't talk to him about, I don't preach. All I can do is live by example. And if and when he's curious, he can come and talk to me about it. Because people have to be ready to hear something, He might not be ready until he is 25 or 30."

"I used to hide the food wrappers."

"I was constantly trying to lose weight and failing"

"All it needs is having a realistic hope that things can get better for you"

"If you start from a place of hope everything else flows from there."

"I've gotten to the stage now where all I can do is my best. Hopefully, people around me, if they get curious, I can just be open, friendly and approachable.  I can give them pointers which they can go away, digest in their own time, at their own pace and then implement things if they think it makes sense."

"I don’t preach, all I can do is live the example and if and when he is curious he can come and talk to me about it."

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Ambassador for Harpenden


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Fabulously Keto
059: Eranda Wickramasinghe - Engineering A Diabetes Solution

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