October 28


060: David Avram Wolfe – SUGARx Global

October 28, 2021

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David Wolfe

 David Wolfe MS, RD, INFACT Internationally Certified Food Addiction Counselor, SUGAR C/L, coach and chef.  He is the understudy to Bitten Jonsson and co-leader of the ‘Sugarbomb In Your Brain’ Facebook group. David created a food plan for Dr. Vera Tarman's Renascent Food Addiction Treatment Centre in Toronto, Canada.  

David is now the co-founder of SUGARx global, a new online community providing sugar/drug food addicts with the best possible advantages to achieve ongoing freedom from addiction.  He developed a program called CARE: Connection, Action Steps, Recovery Protection and Education. He co-authored the book ‘THE FIX for Cravings’ with Cynthia Myers-Morrison.

As part hisINFACT training,  David did an assessment of his food addiction tendencies.  The results came back: he was an early stage food addict.  The result did not come as surprise given that his mum and sister were both also food addicts. 

Working as a bariatric dietician he used the Intensive Outpatient Protocol for those having considering weight loss surgery and started running intensive relapse prevention groups.

David explains the triangle of romance, debate and guilt in identifying trigger foods and how building a community is so important in supporting those living with addiction and in their recovery. 

David's Book

The FIX of Cravings: One(S) That Didn't Work, and Now One Which Works - Cynthis Myers-Morrison and David Avram Wolfe


David's Top Tips

  1. Find a group of people
  2. Ask for help
  3. Realise that it is not about the food

Resources Mentioned

INFACT - International Food Addiction Counsellor Training


Bitten Jonsson Diet Doctor

12 Steps Fellowship For Food  - e.g. Overeaters Anonymous


Quotes by David Wolfe

"Another aspect of my childhood is my mom has been in food addiction recovery, since I was very young, two or three"

"I come from a family that loves to feed people." 

"I remember as a kid, I always ate brown food."

"There I was pushing sugar, that’s what dieticians do in nursing homes, so it was a big conflict for me"

"I attended a training called InFACT [International food addiction counsellor training program]. During the intake for that program, I had to do an assessment on myself and went through it with the woman who was running the program and she said to me, ‘Dave, you're an early stage food addict’."

"My mom is a food addict. My sister was a food addict. So it's like, you shake my family tree, a bunch of addicts come out." 

"It was the first time I really confronted the fact that I was addicted."

"If you have a food that you debate whether you should or shouldn't consume, then it's a trigger. It will cause cravings. If you have a food that when you eat it, you feel guilty afterwards, guilt debate, remorse, regret, then it's a trigger food."

"Or if you have romance, it's kind of more like anticipation, longing, think about a secret rendezvous, a food that's more than just a food to you. It's an experience."

"I'm not going to put anything in my body that will harm me physically, mentally, or spiritually."

"One of the things that's really helpful is using pain as a teacher."

"Part of that process was getting rid of the things that were harming me."

"I really needed an emotional and a spiritual overhauling."

"Crushing their cravings’ which most people resonate with cravings want to crush them. "

"Ultimately, addiction is a gift. It's just, you just have to get to the point where you see it that way."

"I want you to get out of the food and into life."

"One of my mantras is that I am not going to put anything in my body that is going to harm me physically, mentally or spiritually"

Connect with David Wolfe on social media

Twitter - https://twitter.com/DaveWolfeSRx

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SUGARxglobal

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060: David Avram Wolfe - SUGARx Global

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