November 4


061: Suzanne Facer-Reeves – Living Her Best Life

November 4, 2021

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Suzanne Facer-Reeves

 Suzanne Facer-Reeves has been obese all of her life and has tried most of the diets out there. It had resulted in a constant yo-yo effect that just made her get bigger. 

Her weight has caused medical problems and she was heading towards becoming diabetic, like her Mum who died in her early 60’s as a result. 

Something else had to change, she had always said that she felt it was like an addiction. When the press reported from medics that all obese people are advised to do is just move more and eat less, she would often say “No it’s not”. Finally, she discovered low carb and now knows that the addiction was carbs. Currently, Suzane is 11 stone lighter, very much in control of food and feeling the best she ever has.

An incredible weight loss of journey of over 70kg (11st or 154lb). Suzanne had tried all the diets. She was a yo-yo dieter and each time would put on more weight. Then in her 50s she started to have health issues which meant that she needed to find a solution.  Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet book lead her to the Diet Doctor, which got her started and on her low carb journey and she hasn’t looked back.

Suzanne's Top Tips

  1. Start slowly - lower the carbs slowly
  2. Don’t let the scales rule you
  3. In the early days use fat bombs and cheese

Resources Mentioned

The Dopamine Diet - Tom Kerridge

Quotes by Suzanne Facer-Reeves

"I was a saccharin addict, I would have 10 sweeteners in each cup of coffee"

"Clothes shopping - the first time in my life I can shop in every shop" 

"I think he thinks he’s got a new woman because he says ‘you've changed’ which is because I talk even more now than I used to before! "

"He's loved me for what I am - when I am - whenever so that that is very supportive of him."

"The doctor was always telling me throughout my life, I've heard it, you need to lose weight, you need to lose weight. Do you want to see a dietitian? I’ve heard that quite often."

"When I had my children because of my life, so far, I was conscious that I didn't want them to become fat." 

"I actually feel loathed to actually make a cake now, because I'm thinking, ‘no, I'm going to poison you with sugar’"

"I love mince pies.  I’m going to have a little mince pie, it’s only a little one. And, you know, I didn't like the taste anymore."

"It’s not what your body wants, it's the habits in your head, isn't it? You know, which you've got to try and go through."

"I'm still learning now that, actually you don't, it makes no difference, whether it is the season or the celebration."

"I know when I'm full now, because, throughout the whole of my life, I never knew that."

"I knew that for my body, low carb was the answer. "

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
061: Suzanne Facer-Reeves – Living Her Best Life

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