November 11


062: Dr Rob Cywes – The Carb Addiction Doc

November 11, 2021

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Dr Rob Cywes

 Robert Cywes M.D., PhD is a clinically practicing doctor and surgeon in Florida and Idaho. His mission is educating the public about a carbohydrate addiction approach to treating obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Understanding the importance of replacing carbs in your diet with real food while simultaneously replacing carbs as a toxic, harmful response to emotional tension with a more effective diverse healthy set of emotion management tools for lifelong sustainability of mental and physical health, happiness and well-being. 

Converting people from toxic sugar burners to healthy fat (keto) burners while addressing the cause of addiction to carbs from an emotion management perspective. 

Sometimes using obesity surgery and devices as tools along the way, and helping people who have had bariatric surgery stay healthy and not relapse

Dr Rob Cywes is the ‘Carb Addiction Doc’ whose medical practice focuses on the psychology and physiology of carbohydrate addiction.  He was not overweight until he moved to the USA and started to eat SAD (Standard American Diet) when the weight piled: he gained 100 pounds. He realised that his weight struggle wasn’t a problem with calories, but a dysfunctional relationship with a drug called sugar.  When he treated sugar like a drug and himself as a drug addict, he was able to lose the weight and has remained stable for 22 years. He now recognises that there is a physiological component and a psychological component and for many, they have two jobs: firstly, deal with the psychological component in order to be successful in managing the emotional tensions which lead to secondly, dealing with physiological dependence of those instant gratification foods leading to carbohydrate addiction. 

Dr Rob's Top Tips

  1. Take ownership of your dependency on sugar and starch as a form of emotional management
  2. Eat the elephant in small pieces
  3. Be the tortoise, not the rabbit.  Think of change as a habit. 

Resources Mentioned

Glycaemic Index - David Jenkins 

Down Dog App

Quotes by Dr Robert Cywes

"When I moved to the US, I gained a tonne of weight, well over 100 pounds.  I struggled with that, and eventually found that the problem wasn't so much a calorie problem, as it was a dysfunctional relationship with a drug called sugar"

"There are two aspects to carbohydrate addiction is that there's a physiologic and psychological component, and you can look at them separately or together."

"The commonest cause of death is human behaviour"

"So the challenge is that we have diminished self-care, and maximised productivity, almost like when machines.  Then, it's much easier to look at an instant gratification system that gives us instant relief."

"It's about the relationship and we'll look at why people overdo alcohol, carbohydrates, nicotine, whatever it may be."

"Addiction management is about empowerment and enrichment of your life."

"Deprivation is the dietary module and that is why 98% of diets fail."

"A snack is always, always, always an emotional event."

"All human beings, every day, need to manage anxiety, stress, depression, anger, fear, frustration, sadness, boredom, and pleasure. I call that emotional tension."

"Those M&M’s that you eat, that mashed potato, whatever it may be, that you’re looking for, that source, primarily is not for its nutritional value, but for its emotional value. A snack is always- always - always an emotional event."

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Fabulously Keto
062: Dr Rob Cywes – The Carb Addiction Doc

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