November 18


063: Dr Suzie Edge – Keto Ninja

November 18, 2021

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Dr Suzie Edge

 Dr Suzie Edge trained as a molecular biologist before moving to medicine where she became interested in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, and pre-hospital emergency care (something I have in common with Louise). 

After becoming somewhat disillusioned with medicine and the NHS she did a masters degree in modern history and during lockdown started to make medical and human body history content on social media, particularly on TikTok where she has gained 197,000 interested followers. 

She has recently signed a publishing deal for her first non-fiction book and writes fiction in her spare time. 

Suzie became interested in low carb and keto after years of not understanding how diet and exercise were not helping her achieve sporting goals. She is especially interested in how online communities can help each other with their goals, and fight off the dangerous onslaught of pharma-backed government policies. 

Suzie is a keen martial artist (something I have in common with Jackie) and has a senior brown belt in her current disciple Sooyang Do, a derivative of Taekwondo. 

Suzie lives in Scotland with her husband and two teenage girls and their spaniel, Scout.

Initially trained in molecular biology, Suzie Edge completed her medical degree specialising in trauma and orthopedics.  During her time working in the UK NHS, she became increasingly disillusioned with medicine and embarked on a career change, this time as a history focussed writer.  Her focus on health, not only in her medical practice, but also for herself and how she can best achieve her health and physical activity goals lead her to low carb keto.  But it wasn’t without some challenges which we discuss how reaching out for help and connecting with community has helped her overcome and fully commit to positive lifestyle changes. Suzie shares some of her morning routines, including cold water showers.

Dr Suzie's Top Tips

  1. Remember to try new things - just give it a go
  2. Community - find your tribe
  3. When you get up - have a cold shower!  

Resources Mentioned

Diet Delusion by Gary Taubes AKA 

Good Calories, Bad Calories - Gary Taubes

Quotes by Dr Suzie Edge

"I think that what I've done over the years, which has been the worst thing that I could have done was to say to myself, every weekend look Monday, I'm going to start again, going to go low carb, I'm going to cut out the seed oils, everything is going to be wonderful. And by Wednesday, Thursday, it's all gone a bit wrong, because well, for a lot of reasons I could probably guess. And I've raided the bread bin."

"I think doing that half hearted kind of keto is probably the worst thing you can do."

"I came at the end of that thinking I got to do something about this."

"I reached out to an online community UK low carb and said, Look, guys, I need some help here. I'm struggling."

"I can honestly say for nearly 10 years, I did that half assed start Monday, fall away by the Wednesday Thursday."

"I didn't even recognise in myself that I was getting bigger, you know.  I would just go and buy another bigger pair of trousers. I didn't recognise it until I saw photographs."

"I think that it had been affecting me in other ways. And actually looking back it did. Like it did stop me going on 10k runs and things like that.  Because I couldn't be bothered, you know, whereas now my mindset on that's completely different."

"Hospital food isn’t conducive to a long, healthy life."

"It's an all or nothing kind of career."

"I said “This is a bit mad, isn't it? Why aren't we doing anything to prevent this?” And every single surgeon in the room, turned around and looked at me -  just blank stares."

"I was up against this horrendous menus"

"I tweeted that picture of that menu and said what they tried to feed me and the abuse I got was incredible.  And the dieticians came at me."

"I didn't understand because doctors don't study nutrition."

"And yet the vitriol was bizarre. It was there and I was like this is just craziness. What are we going to do? I don't know what to do."

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063: Dr Suzie Edge – Keto Ninja

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