November 25


064: Dr Lucy Burns – Real Life Medicine

November 25, 2021

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Dr Lucy Burns

 Dr Lucy Burns is a GP and a lifestyle medicine physician. She works on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Dr Lucy, along with practice partner Dr Mary Barson run Real LIfe Medicine. This was the inspiration to create an online learning platform to share this information far and wide. 

Lucy has muscular dystrophy which impairs her mobility. In her 20’s she managed her weight with exercise. Alas, this is no longer possible. She became overweight/obese and was insulin resistant. Two years ago, she lost 20 kgs by adopting a low carb lifestyle and more importantly has maintained this. 

Dr Lucy is known for her positive can-do nature and is an eternal optimist. Despite this, she has experienced depression for many years, which is now in remission thanks to her lifestyle changes. 

She practices meditation daily (well at least second daily). Dr Lucy also speaks at conferences for doctors on weight management, as well as events for the general public, and is now considered an expert in this field. Dr Lucy is a mum to two teenage girls - say no more.

Initially trained in molecular biology, Suzie Edge completed her medical degree specialising in trauma and orthopedics.  During her time working in the UK NHS, she became increasingly disillusioned with medicine and embarked on a career change, this time as a history focussed writer.  Her focus on health, not only in her medical practice, but also for herself and how she can best achieve her health and physical activity goals lead her to low carb keto.  But it wasn’t without some challenges which we discuss how reaching out for help and connecting with community has helped her overcome and fully commit to positive lifestyle changes. Suzie shares some of her morning routines, including cold water showers.

Dr Lucy's Top Tips

  1. We need to unpack the stories in our head
  2. Set yourself healthy boundaries which support your way of life
  3. Understand the emotion you’re soothing when falling off the wagon.

Quotes by Dr Lucy Burns

"I feel like my ‘Fluffy’ is asleep when I don't have sweet food, whether it's sugar or alternate sugars"

"It is all about progress, not perfection."

"You can’t hate yourself thin, you can’t guilt yourself into being well and you can’t shame yourself into losing weight."

"It is very hard to intuitively eat processed food but if you are doing real food then it is easy."

"People often think that women in bigger bodies are lazy or something and they're often the opposite. They're the most driven, organised perfectionistic people who are high achieving in every aspect of their life, except their food. And it's common."

"We tell our patients to pick a protein, add some veggies. If the proteins really lean, add some fat and add some flavour, some salt and some herbs."

"I mean, I don't think anybody's out there trying to pretend that Maltesers and licorice bullets are good for you."

"Food was always the main player in my life and everything else was secondary."

"So changing those three things [reflecting on the drive for ultra processed foods, prioritising protein and nutrients] has just made an enormous difference to my health and the energy I spend in my brain thinking about food."

"Why would I be prioritising protein when I was just spending my whole life trying to get donuts?"

"So that 20 kilos, I lost that and it stayed off now for four years, which is like, that's actually the miracle, not the losing the 20 kilos, I could do that easily. But yeah, the keeping it off."

"That's where we talk about maybe the story is in their head, which phrases they've been perhaps told and then the tools that they use to manage their mind."

"I think a few people have said this, that once you see it, you can't unsee it, once you see what it can do."

"In the past, I would have cut off my right leg, if you'd said “You can't eat chocolate again”

"Everything that I knew about dieting, everything that I knew about health was wrong.”

"I was on a bender eating everything I could in sight before I had to go back onto another diet.”

"I've never loved a diet as much as this.”

"Low Carb - It has completely revolutionised the way that I practice”

"Saturated fat is not the enemy we thought it was”

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064: Dr Lucy Burns - Real Life Medicine

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