December 2


065: Amy Eiges – Living Proof of Hope

December 2, 2021

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Amy Eiges

 Amy Eiges is a health coach and reformed chronic dieter who is passionate about helping others recover from the diet-binge-gain-shame cycle she struggled with for years. Since discovering a ketogenic and low-carb lifestyle, she has lost 225 pounds and has both reversed pre-diabetes and resolved lifelong depression. 

“When I was just starting out, facing over 200 pounds to lose seemed insurmountable, and the idea I would ever be where I am now was unfathomable. Know this: I am not extraordinary. I just finally got the right advice, put one foot in front of the other and didn't look back. I know now that it can be done, but after battling this war for 40 years I had lost hope that it was really, truly possible. I am living proof that it is.”

Amy considered bariatric surgery when she weighed 400lbs but felt that it wouldn’t be right for her as she was concerned she would replace her food addiction with another addiction. When she found keto it was at the right time when some of life stressors had been overcome and she could focus on herself and her health. She is sad that she got such bad advice from experts but recognises that she might not have been in the right place earlier in her life and at the same time regrets the time wasted. She is now a health coach who can give to others a chance she didn’t get so that they don’t have so much wasted time, like she did.

Amy's Top Tips

  1. Hope - it is possible
  2. Are you hungry? Be aware of foods that keep you full and those foods that light up your brain 
  3. Not every food experience has to be a party in your mouth
  4. Slip up? Get right back to it without judgement and shame

Resources Mentioned

Diet Doctor

Dr Tro


Nutrition Coalition


Down Dog

Quotes by Amy Eiges

"I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting I was maybe five or six, I remember tagging along with my mom. I remember the weigh in person looking at me and then looking at my mom and spelling something that started with an O.   I knew even at that really young age that she was calling me fat."

"It was just a lifetime of just not being able to figure it out.  Constantly starting a new diet, having that kind of sort of false hope that comes with a new diet and a new plan."

"The best experts and all the doctors and nutritionists and dietitians and diet programmes, just all that false hope, never really worked and it wasn’t for the lack of trying. "

"I just thought I was broken."

" I chose to join Weight Watchers 35 times over the course of my life."

"I really had dieted my way up to 400lbs."

"It felt like the needle was in the groove for those two weeks."

"In terms of the life stressors, when I discovered keto, this is something that I talk about often now, a lot of things were lined up for me to be successful this time around."

"I think I have a predisposition to addiction, to using any substance for relief or some sort of numbing. "

"I thought I just want to be a thinner fat person. I just want to be a smaller fat person."

"I knew that I needed a doctor and I knew that I needed some accountability and support."

"I wanted somebody to support me and to give me accountability. I think there's something really kind of magical about being accountable to somebody outside of yourself."

"He taught me a new or a little bit of a different way of working.  He actually brought it back to interestingly enough, intuitive eating"

"When I first actually did that deep dive on Diet Doctor, I was so infuriated by all the experts that I've gone to. No one mentioned this to me. How come? How come nobody told me about this? ”

"It's hard not to regret, it's close to 50 years wasted, right?”

"The first time I ran a mile I had tears down my face thinking about the teenage me not being able to even walk a quarter of a mile”

"I am as proud of being able to run as I am of the 200 pounds because it really is reclaiming a part of me that I thought was never gonna see the light of day.”

"What do I worry about now, if I'm not worried about losing weight?”

"I'm trying to be kind to my body”

"Slip ups are part of the process”

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Fabulously Keto
065: Amy Eiges – Living Proof of Hope

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