December 16


067: Sara Aguilar – Real Ketones

December 16, 2021

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Fabulously Keto
067: Sara Aguilar - Real Ketones

Sara Aguilar

 Sara Aguilar is a Health Anthropologist passionate about leveraging the best of ancestral wisdom and modern-day technology to optimise all areas of health. She is a restless adventurer at heart who is passionate about fitness, nutrition and ancestral living. 

The Founder of Keto Supplements, which she originally set up to source ketogenic supplements to alleviate her husband’s epilepsy. Sara is also Director of Real Ketones Europe. Sara strongly believes in the health boosting benefits of a low carb and ketogenic diet—as personally experienced by herself and her husband—and as a way of alleviating chronic illnesses worldwide.


Who was THE ONE?

Dom D’Agnostino


Sara’s Top Tips

  1. Remember that all areas of health are important: not just one pillar – especially sleep
  2. Don’t become too obsessed with macros – go by how you feel
  3. Women can flex with their cycle with increasing more carbs premenstrually
  4. How do you feel?

Resources Mentioned

Planet Organic – high quality ingredients, fish oil, bone broth

Real Ketones USA

Real Ketones Australia

Real Ketones UK and Europe

Quotes by Sara Aguilar

“Sugar, be tired, or drink alcohol were the three main triggers for seizure”

“And I just had a lightbulb moment, I thought, well, if it works for them, then it probably works for anyone who gets seizures and definitely for epilepsy and from that moment on, I was literally on a mission to get these exogenous ketones for my husband.”

“My background is anthropology, I hadn’t worked in health and supplements and lifestyle. So to be able to just learn more about health and ancestral living and from a kind of an evolutionary perspective on creating health for us was fantastic.”

“I do more of a flex keto diet, which I think is more natural because it represents how we would have evolved, sometimes being in ketosis, sometimes running on carbs.”

“He hasn’t  had a seizure for over 2 years”

“I found a more low carb paleo approach suits me best and with lots of intermittent fasting. I’ll often be in ketosis, but I wouldn’t say I do a strict ketogenic diet, it’s more of a flex keto diet, which I think is more natural as well, because it represents how we would have evolved, sometimes being in ketosis, sometimes running on carbs.”

“I think they [exogenous ketones] support the transition to a ketogenic diet when you’re first starting.”

“Personally I use them maybe once a week, maybe once every two weeks. If I’m really tired, or if I’m doing a longer fast, because they really help with fasting. I wouldn’t take them every day because I don’t need to take them every day.”

“I would recommend the first step is to take out the inflammatory and input remove that eliminate those you want to clean your environment before you start throwing supplements in”

“The first thing to question is what are your goals?  And, that is it that will tailor what product would be right for you”

“If you’re following a low carb, keto diet, or any diet, really think about flexing it according to your cycle. So incorporating more carbs, just before your period, because you need so that’s the time when you start to get those cravings. That’s because you actually need them for healthy hormone production.”

“We are all born in ketosis”

“Supplying a stable form of energy that releases fewer free radicals, therefore it also causes less oxidation in the brain.”

“Ketones reduce inflammation in the brain”


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