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072: Kev Mason – Keto Kev

January 20, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
072: Kev Mason - Keto Kev

Kev Mason

 Kev Mason, or KetoKev as he has become more known as, is a Ketogenic Health and Fitness Coach. After serving 13 years in the British Army and reaching a massive 131kg, he realised after leaving that something needed to be done. He discovered the Paleo Diet and from then he dropped 10kg without effort or going to the gym.  

Once he started losing the weight he decided to look further into health and fitness, and discovered the ketogenic diet. At first he was slightly apprehensive about high amounts of fat but decided to go for it. Nothing happened apart from gaining weight. Confused about this newfound “wonder diet” he looked deeper and deeper into how to optimize keto for the best result.  

Trying and failing a few times he finally nailed the right path of a higher protein and med to high fat ratio then things started to happen but Kev still had a skeleton in his closet. 

He still consumed alcohol and in March 2019 after being threatened with divorce he sunk to the lowest point of his life, he took charge of his life, quit drinking and applied all the knowledge he had into building a Keto group to help himself and others. 

He gained qualifications and diplomas in The Ketogenic Diet & Diabetes recognition and treatment, began courses in Red Light Therapy, Cold exposure, personal training and the gut brain connection. He began coaching clients and started turning lives around including his own. 

With a facebook group of over 15,000 people and private coaching groups he now creates content and information to help as many people as he can. Although not a qualified Chef, Kev has had formal training with Jeremy Ravenshaw-Fowler and would rather be known as a Cuisinier rather than a Chef. 

“We help educate people on real health” – KetoKev 

Who was THE ONE?

His wife led him to Mark Sisson


Kev’s Top Tips

  1. Read labels
  2. Stay off the scales
  3. Don’t be dogmatic
  4. Ask questions


Resources Mentioned

The Primal Blueprint – Mark Sisson


Drew Manning

Fit to Fat to Fit


Luís Villaseñor


Quotes by Kev Mason

“We help educate people on real health.”

“The Tri Services – Army, Navy Air Force, said we don’t encourage extreme fad diets but then it’s okay to be vegan or vegetarian.

“They just push sport for weight loss.”

A lot of his behavioural problems, like lack of concentration and mood swings went away when we removed gluten.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/333869637224249

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ketokev_the_primal_bear/

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