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073: Nikola Howard – Coping With Stress

January 27, 2022

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073: Nikola Howard - Coping With Stress

Nikola Howard

Nikola is a Life Transformation Specialist and the UK’s leading Low Carb Expert since 1999.

She helps women who want to live a healthy life ditch their belly fat and gain more energy in less than ten weeks, without fussing about calories, macros or starving themselves by using the award winning HOPE Protocol of eating tasty whole food and shifting their attitudes to life

Who was THE ONE?

From work colleague gave the book  – 

Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution: The No-hunger, Luxurious Weight Loss Plan That Really Works! – Dr Robert C Atkins



Nikola’s Books

Nikola has some e-books here:



Nikola’s Top Tips

  1. Follow the three tenets
  2. Remember you are human – Progress not perfection
  3. Every mouthful is your choice


Resources Mentioned

Deliciously Guilt Free


Down Dog


Quotes by Nikola Howard

“The OSN scale grades your food to be optimal, sub-optimal and non optimal. There’s none of this bad or good or naughty or nice because that’s all judgmental.”

“Everything in life is success and food is just one small piece of life”

“The body knows there is quite a lot of magnesium in dark chocolate”

“The mind is a mean seeking, problem solving machine”

“Every mouthful is your choice”

“A treat is not a piece of sugar because that’s something that’s going to kill you. Why would something that is going to kill you over time be a treat?”

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Low Carb Living UK 



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