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079: Mark Felstead – We Love Our Heart

March 10, 2022

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079: Mark Felstead - We Love Our Heart

Mark Felstead

 My Name is Mark Felstead, 59 Years Old and until 3 years ago I was a very fit triathlete, often taking part in competitions and thinking I was doing everything right for my body and my health.

For most of my adult life I have exercised and trained regularly, I ate what I thought was a healthy diet, I watched my weight, and I did not smoke…

Things were all to change very suddenly on a Wednesday Evening in August 2018…

I left my home with my racing bike to compete in a local duathlon. I kissed my wife and my daughter goodbye, not knowing it was very nearly the last time I would see them…

2hrs later, as I was nearing the finish line, I collapsed…. Sudden Cardiac Arrest, a so-called Widow Maker. Clinically dead on the spot

Luckily (oh so luckily!!) two of my fellow competitors were very quick to act and kept me alive (CPR) until the emergency services arrived (they were also Doctors who helped!!).

I woke up 10 days later out of an induced coma… but that is a story for another time.

Who was THE ONE?

Ivor Cummings

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Mark’s Top Tips

  1. Start meditating
  2. Have a morning routine – Mark meditates, breathing exercises and nebulises with 3% hydrogen peroxide
  3. Have an oral hygiene routine which includes Waterpik
  4. Improve nutrition by having bone marrow and resistant starch

Resources Mentioned

Learn CPR



Home AED: 




GoodSam app

Ivor Cummings

The Widowmaker 

Extra Time Movie

CAC Scan venues in the UK and Ireland

Donal Collins 

Sitting Rising Test  link

Dr Thomas Levy – oral hygiene 

Quotes by Mark Felstead

“I thought I was eating healthily

“How do you thank someone who saved your life?”

“Now I still ask the question “Why did I survive? And why am I still here?”

“What was I doing wrong? I thought I was doing everything right.”

“Nobody talked to me about metabolic health

“A heart attack doesn’t have to be a death penalty”

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We Love Our Heart Live

One day online Conference 9th April 2022

We Love Our Heart Podcast

On your favourite podcast app search We Love Our Heart


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