April 21


084: Michelle Hurn – The Dietician’s Dilemma

April 21, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
084: Michelle Hurn - The Dietician's Dilemma

Michelle Hurn

 Michelle Hurn RD LD, Ultra Runner, Author of The Dietitian’s Dilemma

Michelle Hurn is a registered and licensed dietitian with eleven years of experience as a clinical, acute care dietitian, lead dietitian in psychiatric care, and outpatient dietitian. While practising inpatient and outpatient care in the hospital setting, Michelle discovered a disheartening connection between the high carbohydrate, low fat, “sugar in moderation,” nutrition guidelines she was required to teach, and the rapidly declining health of her patients. 

Michelle is an endurance athlete, and she has competed in 12 marathons. In 2019, Michelle decided to follow a LCHF, high animal protein diet to see if it would alleviate severe muscle pain she was experiencing. Not only was her muscle pain gone in a matter of weeks, her decades of anxiety began to fade. 

Michelle is the author of the book, “The Dietitian’s Dilemma,” detailing how the current nutrition guidelines came into existence and advocating a low carbohydrate, animal-based way of eating as an option for individuals struggling with diabetes, mental disorders, eating disorders, sarcopenia, and heart disease. Michelle won her first Ultra Marathon covering 44.63 miles in a 6-hour time frame. Michelle also won the Tunnel Hill 50 mile race clocking 7.03.01 in 2021.

Michelle’s Books

The Dietitian’s Dilemma: What would you do if your health was restored by doing the opposite of everything you were taught? – Michelle Hurn

Michelle’s Top Tips

  1. Take a minute by yourself and do some reflecting
  2. Commit to 30 days
  3. Prepare – get rid of stuff that you don’t need and get food in that you can eat
  4. Be ready for the naysayers


Quotes by Michelle Hurn

“I didn’t feel like I was really helping people.”

“It wasn’t about getting people better.”

“I was mentally broken, physically broken.”

“I am too old to be this naive but I was told “Oh no you can not teach this”.”

“I had the dietician’s dilemma, what do you do? my health was restored, I had information.” 

“I wonder if some of the problems I had, injuries and illnesses and other things, could have been prevented.”

“I’ll never put limits on the human body.”

“Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder.”

“I could never fully participate in my life.”

“The Academy of Nutrition is heavily sponsored by processed food.”

“Every species has a species specific diet.”

“It’s ok to be different – 88% of people have metabolic disease – be weird, be different.”

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