May 5


086: Carrie Brown – Chow, Cooking, Cats and Cameras

May 5, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
086: Carrie Brown - Chow, Cooking, Cats and Cameras

Carrie Brown

 Carrie is a keto cookbook author, commercial food photographer, professional recipe developer, & general badass. 

She lives in the middle-of-nowhere New England with a bunch of cats, a ridiculous amount of cocoa powder, and far too many tripods.

Carrie’s Top Tips

  1. Get your DNA done
  2. If you are stuck try PMSF (Protein Modified Sparing Fast)
  3. Be Kind


Carrie’s Books

The KETO Ice Cream Scoop: 52 amazingly delicious ice creams and frozen treats for your low-carb high-fat life – Carrie Brown

The Keto Ice Cream Masterclass

Carrie’s other Masterclasses

KETO for the Holidays: 53 scrumptious, fat-burning recipes so you can thrive on delicious KETO food through the Holidays – Carrie Brown

101 KETO Beverages: Amazingly delicious, health-boosting, sugar-free lattes, teas, hot chocolates, frozen drinks, yogurt drinks, sodas, mocktails, and infused waters – Carrie Brown

The KETO Soup Bowl: 50 delicious fat-burning, health-boosting bowls of soup, chowder, hodgepodge, gumbo, stew, and gazpacho – Carrie Brown

The KETO Crockpot: 40 scrumptious, simple, fat-burning, health-boosting recipes that cook themselves while you’re on the go! – Carrie Brown


Resources Mentioned

Dr Ted Naiman

Carrie’s Step By Step Guide to DNA testing


Quotes by Carrie Brown

“If you give someone with bi-polar medications for uni-polar bad things happen.”

“We put you in this box called bi-polar 2 because the things you are experiencing are very similar to all the other people in this box, so we are going to put you in this box and give you the label of bi-polar 2 and then we are going to start experimenting.”

“I became suicidally depressed.”

“Why is nobody asking the critical question?”

“Armed with those two things was what seriously turned my whole life around.” 

“Because I cannot methylate I had been seriously deficient in B vitamins my entire life”

“I do want everyone listening to know that it’s quite possible that you could eliminate or drastically reduce the symptoms of bi-polar and depression and other mental health issues. There is hope.” 

“You can do anything for two weeks.”

“Everything becomes hopeless then because you feel powerless and you feel like “I can’t change it” and so you just throw your hands up, what’s the point? I may as well eat whatever.” 

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