May 19


088: Sarah Matyjasik – Optimum Strength and Well-Being from a Bodybuilder

May 19, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
088: Sarah Matyjasik - Optimum Strength and Well-Being from a Bodybuilder

Sarah Matyjasik

 Sarah Matyjasik left her career in recruitment management in 2008 to set up and run her own business. It was the start of an incredible journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Since then Sarah’s run a number of successful businesses, led numerous teams and juggled life as a working mother. This experience means she’s very familiar with the challenges experienced by successful career and business women when it comes to looking after themselves.

Having qualified as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Advisor, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist,  Sarah has a range of skills and tools to address mindset and habit change alongside fitness and nutrition, enabling people to achieve optimum health and wellness. 

Sarah’s Top Tips

  1. Go easy on the fats – foods have fats don’t always need to add fat
  2. Make sure to keep the vegetables in and get fibre
  3. Give yourself a break – Don’t beat yourself up if gone off the rails


Resources Mentioned

Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker

Dr Mindy Pelz

Quotes by Sarah Matyjasik

“I absolutely love vegetables. I’m massive advocate for having a range and diverse plate of colour.”

“Do you do the things that fill your joy jar up?”

“Our thoughts are very powerful.”

“It’s really important to help people understand all the good things they already have.”

We need to enjoy what we are eating.”

“People can be overzealous with fats. And we can have too many fats, I believe as women anyway, certainly if you’re trying to lose body fat, I think we can go a bit too over”

“I felt sugar was always something that made my stomach bloat and hurt.”

Know that you’re on this journey one step at a time to getting your body into a fitter and healthier state that’s going to help you in your mature years.” 

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