July 7


095: Lisa Bailey – N of 1 Carnivore Experiment

July 7, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
095: Lisa Bailey - N of 1 Carnivore Experiment

Lisa Bailey

 Lisa Bailey has been in the health and fitness space for over a decade, specialising in nutrition and personal training services – with an emphasis on strength training.

As a 27 year long vegetarian, with a lifelong history of IBS and a 20 year loss of smell and taste, Lisa made a complete recovery with the implementation of a carnivore diet. Her story can be heard on our previous podcast with her.

Today, Lisa returns to the Fabulously Keto podcast to discuss her experimentation with a higher protein ratio and the effects it had on her body. We also discuss her passion for strength and conditioning, and why she believes that everyone should be including this type of training in their weekly routine.

Lockdown brought work challenges to many people and Lisa found her business badly affected. Undaunted she took up knitting and has now created a second business making hand dyed, hand knitted felted bags!

Lisa’s Top Tips

  1. Buy a kettlebell.
  2. Do some sort of strength training almost every day.
  3. Eat well, play well, rest well.


Resources Mentioned

Strong Medicine – Blake F. Donaldson

Dr. Zsófia Clemens


Train With Joan



Quotes by Lisa Bailey

“It’s really hard to build muscle.”

“When I’ve got higher level of ketones, then my smell and taste are really on point.”

“The body turns over about 250 gms of protein every day”

“Just doing basic human movements, like squatting, pushing and press ups, things that we should be able to do as humans all throughout our life, people are finding so hard.

“Our glutes are one of the biggest, most powerful parts of our body, and they’re not actually meant to be sat on.

“Muscle is an organ and we have to keep it functioning properly. It’s the organ of longevity.”

“You don’t need loads of it because it actually is a little nutrient powerhouse.

“The less you do, the more tired you are.”

“The more you do the more energy you have.”

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