July 21


097: Maia Sutherland – Fasting Is My Superpower

July 21, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
097: Maia Sutherland - Fasting Is My Superpower

Maia Sutherland

 Maia Sutherland has treated people’s health through acupuncture and massage for nearly thirty years. A child of ‘hippy’ parents from a ‘hippy’ town, she grew up firmly entrenched in the belief system that fruits and vegetables are superfoods and animal products are bad. 

After enough of a lifetime getting sicker and fatter, she discovered the transformative world of ketosis. This journey over the last three years, has changed much of her ‘belief’ replacing it with a quantifiable understanding of what helps a human animal to be more optimised. 

So enthused by these revelations, she is in the process of writing a book, hoping to inspire others, anywhere in the world on any budget and education, to simply and enjoyably reverse their own disease process, using the power of low carbohydrate feasting and fasting.

Who was THE ONE

Dr. Jason Fung

Maia’s Top Tips

  1. Get as Informed as you possibly can.
  2. Start by changing one meal for example make your breakfast high fat and low carb.
  3. When you start be clever with yourself and have snacks at hand so you are not reliant on carb laden foods.


Resources Mentioned

Dr Jason Fung

Andrew Huberman

Huberman Lab

Dan Greef’s Deliciously Guilt Free


Quotes by Maia Sutherland

“I used to think that being vegetarian was the healthiest thing in the whole world whilst I slowly fell apart.”

“At the end of that month my short term memory came back.”

“I just felt beyond amazing”

“Fasting is a superpower, keto is self medicine, low carb is for when life is stressful.

“I am not one who thinks you should add pain, when you are in pain.

“We basically spent a month just looking each other in shock.”

“One of the things I notice is that people are very unkind to themselves.

“I want to encourage people that all the changes that you make, accumulate into who you are.”

“I do think that it’s important to point out that nothing you eat is keto. You are in ketosis.

“Everything is better when I’m keto or fasting. Everything is worse when I’m low carb, except I feel a bit more emotionally comforted me by my choices.”

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