August 18


101: Tony Royle – Engineering His Heart Attack Recovery

August 18, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
101: Tony Royle - Engineering His Heart Attack Recovery

Tony Royle

 Dr Tony Royle PhD is a former electrical engineer and both military and civilian pilot. He flew 3 operational tours on the RAF’s C130 aircraft before joining Virgin Atlantic to fly the Airbus A340 and A330. 

Whilst a pilot he pursued a parallel academic career in the sciences and mathematics and is currently an Associate Lecturer with the UK’s Open University tutoring on their MSc Mathematics course. 

He is also an Ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration, specialising in the use of the ketogenic diet to prevent and treat disease. He is a published author and international amateur age-group triathlete.

Tony’s Top Tips

  1. Trust your intuition.
  2. Think of your body in a holistic sense.
  3. Take ownership of your health.

Tony’s Book

The Flying Mathematicians of World War I

Resources Mentioned

PHC UK (Public Health Collaboration) Charity

Dr Aseem Malhotra

Lou Walker – Fabulously Keto Interview

Quotes by Tony Royle

“I had to work out that it was the drugs that were making me poorly”

“I wasn’t actually that fit or well underneath the surface”

“It’s basically been fraud for many, many decades, this story about cholesterol and heart disease – It’s just not true”

“The one thing, the most important thing, which is our health, without our health we can’t do anything, can we? That’s the one thing I had ignored. That’s the one area I had put my trust in other people.

“I could have died because I had chosen to ignore it.

“All the research and educational or nearly all of it anyway is paid for by an entity that has a vested interest in us being unhealthy, that’s the most ridiculously stupid thing to do.”

“You get the odd doctor that says, hang on a minute, this isn’t right but as soon as they say that, they become sort of demons in their profession. They’re marginalised. Nobody wants to be with that guy, he’s the crazy guy.

“At any given time, our cholesterol will be what our body wants it to be.

“This is a cascade then of disruption causing requirements for more drugs.

“It is such a complex thing, the human body and it’s inherently able to look after itself, all we need to do, is not toxify it and make sure it’s not deficient in anything it can’t produce.

“Everybody is blessed with an innate common sense and intuition.

“Take ownership of your own health rather than delegating it to a third party.

“It’s interesting that all the metrics that the doctors look at all went in opposite directions to what their science told me should happen.


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