September 1


103: Anders Murman – Acetrack Breath Ketones

September 1, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
103: Anders Murman - Acetrack Breath Ketones

Anders Murman

 Anders Murman is a serial entrepreneur with a Masters degree in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University, Sweden. He has spent all his working life within med-tech, with the last five years as CEO and co-founder of the mHealth company Deversify. 

Deversify is the mother company behind Acetrack – the portable breathalyser that measures fat-burning rate and ketosis. 

Anders has dedicated his life to building and commercialising med-tech products to combat cancer, asthma and more – from Uppsala, Sweden to Silicon Valley CA.

Anders’ Top Tips

  1. Make sure you only eat twice a day.
  2. Exercise – make sure you go out and sweat for 30-45 minutes three times a week.
  3. Don’t lie – don’t lie to others but also don’t lie to yourself.

Resources Mentioned

Dr Robert Lustig


Quotes by Anders Murman

“The numbers of the unhealthy are terrible.”

“We have to go back to precision medicine.”

“Lifestyle factors are going to influence your life expectancy.”

“The main purpose of the Acetrack is to give you that receipt that this works for me because I did the right things last night.

“Particularly your heart muscles are keen on using fat directly from the blood.

“You guys are the Oura ring of metabolism.”

“I never thought when we started building Acetrack that I would be digging into how much damage bad nutrition is doing to our bodies.

“I exercised 6-7 per week and I still gained weight – fat around my belly.

“This is the message to all of us – We are not evolutionarily built to have so much glucose and so much insulin constantly.

“I was a slave to hunger all those years.


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If you want to purchase an Acetrack remember to use the discount code FabulouslyKeto to get a £40 discount


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