September 8


104: Dr Tro Kalayjian – The Other Low Carb MD

September 8, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
104: Dr Tro Kalayjian - The Other Low Carb MD

Dr Tro Kalayjian

 Dr. Tro Kalayjian is a board certified physician practicing internal and obesity medicine, with a focus on diabetes, hypertension and lipid management. His focus is on implementing lifestyle and dietary modifications whenever possible. 

Dr. Tro Kalayjian, himself, has lost over 150lbs and has also worked with countless patients with weight loss, diabetes, and hypertension through remote consultations via tele-medicine equipment and software. 

Dr. Tro has published research in the fields of Binge-Eating, Food Addiction, Severe Hyptriglyceridemia using therapeutic ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting.such as fasting and the ketogenic diet.

Dr Tro’s Top Tips

  1. If you have a relationship to food that needs to be addressed, address it with a clear focus – don’t treat a behviour problem with a nutritional programme.
  2. Am I addicted to food?
  3. Get help from a medical team that can support and understands you.

Resources Mentioned

Fabulously Keto Podcast with Dr Brian Lenzkes

Virta Health

The Accord Trial

Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners

Symposium of Metabolic Health

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Quotes by Dr Tro Kalayjian

“I am going to be a doctor and I am going to do better than all of them.”

“I am going to have an office and it is going to have treadmills in the waiting room.”

“I did have a reprieve of obesity due to anorexia.”

“I was so desperate because I didn’t know what was driving my obesity.

“My wife said “Tro you are a smart guy, you scored 90% on your board exam. Go figure it out. What would you do if it was pneumonia? What would you do if you diagnosed something with my dad’s heart?”

“You understand it is all a house of cards.”

“People fail dieting because they feel deprived, they feel hungry and they don’t know how to manage their mental health and social situations.

“It’s all frickin lies.

“It was the data and when you look into the data you see it was all a bunch of noble lies and half truths or flat out lies, industry manipulated lies.

“It is either religious or financial bias that pushes this agenda and ultimately affects government policy.

“No other animal counts calories.

“My mission was clear – End obesity, end diabetes.

“And then there is the mood stabilising properties of ketones.

“The nature of our relationship to food is rooted in an impulse that will not go away and we are trying to navigate and ultimately we don’t control.

Many people need a deep dive into their behaviour and their relationship with food. They

need insight.


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