September 22


106: Dr Campbell Murdoch – The Most Positive Impact On The World Per Unit Energy

September 22, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
106: Dr Campbell Murdoch - The Most Positive Impact On The World Per Unit Energy

Dr Campbell Murdoch

 Dr Campbell Murdoch is a GP with a special interest in metabolic health. He works in an NHS practice in Somerset. 

He is a co-founder of Preventative Healthcare Group, a UK company focused on providing reliable, accessible, and useful services to improve metabolic health and related conditions.

Dr Campbell’s Top Tips

  1. Know why you want to go low carb/keto and make it emotional and meaningful.
  2. Know what you are going to do and what resources you are going to use.
  3. Be ready to adapt.

Resources Mentioned

Adapting diabetes medication for low carbohydrate management of type 2 diabetes: a practical guide

Pre-Diabetes Guides


Quotes by Dr Campbell Murdoch

“I started wondering what difference I was making.”

“Patients are amazing, the they, there’s nothing better than real humans, to remind you of what works, what doesn’t work, what to worry about what not to worry about.

“For me, one of my kind of driving forces is how can I have the most positive impact on the world per unit energy, whilst I’m on this earth.

“My belief is there is always room for improvement.

“I’ve yet to meet to a person who says “I want to be unhealthy”.

“Insulin resistance plus mental health are probably the two reasons the healthcare system is overwhelmed.”

“Those regular peaks (in blood sugar) will be associated in poorer health.

“A doctor’s job is really to diagnose when things are going wrong and not understood.

“I understand insulin resistance and metabolic health, to me it is incredibly obvious and  incredibly straightforward. If you understood that you realise pretty much every modern disease is linked to it.

“Most people want to be well.


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