October 6


108: Julia Tulipan – Leading The German Keto Charge

October 6, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
108: Julia Tulipan - Leading The German Keto Charge

Julia Tulipan

 Mag. Julia Tulipan is a biologist and nutritional scientist, blogger, author, speaker, entrepreneur and science nerd. 

During her late 20s she experienced severe health issues like back pain, depression, weight gain and sleep problems, despite doing everything by the book. When Julia turned 30, she had reached a new low. That was the turning point in her health journey. This time she decided to dig deeper into the original science. This led her to question the general dietary guidelines and, on the path, to reclaim her health. 

During the last eight years Julia fought her way back and says about herself, that she is now the healthiest she has ever been. As a coach, she now helps others on their path to health and wellbeing. She supports high performing individuals in reaching their potential. She built one of the most popular German blogs about the low-carb and keto lifestyle.

Together with her dear colleague Daniela Pfeifer and LCHF-Germany, they created the first certified KetoCoach training program. 

Besides her entrepreneurial endeavours, she is a scientist by heart.

Julia’s Books

Keto – Alles, was Sie wissen müssen: Die 120 wichtigsten Fragen zu Umsetzung, Mythen und Missverständnissen – Julia Tulipan

Der Keto-Kompass: Aktuelles Wissen über ketogene Ernährung, Ketone und Ketose – Wirkweisen, Anwendungen und Chancen – Julia Tulipan

Low Carb Weihnachtsrezepte: Kohlenhydratarm, glutenfrei und zuckerfrei Backen für Diabetiker, Allergiker und Gesundheitsbewusste (German Edition) – Julia Tulipan

Diagnose Nebennierenerschöpfung: Wie chronischer Stress die Hormon-Balance stört. Vitalität und Lebensfreude zurückgewinnen (German Edition) – Julia Tulipan

Das KETO-Cocktail-Buch – Julia Tulipan

Julia’s Top Tips

  1. Don’t be afraid.
  2. Don’t over complicate things.
  3. Focus on protein.

Resources Mentioned

Julia’s Retreat

Julia also has a food company


Julia’s research papers

Implementation of a Low-Carbohydrate Diet Improves the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients

Tulipan, Julia, and Barbara Kofler



Ketogenic diet in the treatment of cancer – Where do we stand?

Daniela D. Weber, Sepideh Aminzadeh-Gohari, Julia Tulipan, L. Catalano, R. Feichtinger, B. Kofler



Good Calories, Bad Calories – Gary Taubes



Wheat Belly – William Davis MD



Quotes by Julia Tulipan

“I would say my body broke completely.”

“That was the time I really thought there was something wrong with the advice.

“I didn’t feel healthy even though everyone around me said “You look good”

“Especially carbohydrates are known as the fattening part of the food for animals.

“It took me just two weeks to really feel a difference in how I see the world.

“All the time your mental energy is occupied with thinking about your diet

“The ketogenic diet modulated weight..

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