November 3


112: Natalie Coghlan – Living A Fertile Lifestyle

November 3, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
112: Natalie Coghlan - Living A Fertile Lifestyle

Natalie Coghlan

 Having encountered her own fertility struggles in her early thirties, Natalie explored how diet and lifestyle changes can transform fertile health. 

Her own journey to motherhood has inspired her work as a nutritionist and fertility specialist, now helping busy women eat better and realise their dream of becoming a mum.

Natalie’s Top Tips

  1. Cut down on carbs.
  2. Increase vegetables at each meal.
  3. Don’t fat – embrace fat.

Resources Mentioned

Dr Jason Fung


Quotes by Natalie Coghlan

“I was a trained  nutritionist and had been trained in the typical UK dietary guidelines and then had the realisation that this isn’t working.”

“I was totally undernourished.

“Every client is low in fat and low in calories and they are trying so hard to lose weight and feel healthy.

“Are you giving your eggs the environment for it to develop?

“We know we’ve got all the eggs we will have, but we don’t know we can actually influence the quality of eggs and quality of sperm.

“I am such a believer in we are what we eat.

“It’s not about eating for two.

“Predominantly it is insulin resistance that has gone undiagnosed.

“99% of women will be following the low fat, low calorie way of eating, even subconsciously.

“Within the area of infertility, often women have tried everything.

“Leftovers are such a fantastic and convenient lunch.

“Typically those feelings towards fatty cuts of meat are just habit, learnt as a child, learnt from someone else’s reaction.


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