November 17


114: Joanne McCormack – Fat Is My Friend

November 17, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
114: Joanne McCormack - Fat Is My Friend

Joanne McCormack

 Joanne McCormack is a UK doctor and former GP who first learned the powerful value of Ketogenic diets in 2014, first personally and then with her patients.

She was a GP for 30 years but only started to see people reversing their obesity and type 2 diabetes once they started to use tools like Keto, low carbohydrate and intermittent fasting as ways of life. It was as if the UK “woke up to Keto” and progress was made for the very first time.

She recognises that the UK “ Eatwell” Guide is potentially harmful for diabetic and overweight people (as it recommends too many carbohydrate containing foods). She helped launch the charity the Public Health Collaboration, with the dual aim of educating health professionals and the public about better ways of looking at food, and campaigning at national level for better government dietary advice.

Who was THE ONE?

Dr Robert Lustig


Joanne’s Top Tips

  1. Primarily or almost exclusively eat real food.
  2. Recognise your own addictions.
  3. After you have recognised your addictions decide whether you can moderate them or if you have to give them up completely.

Resources Mentioned

Dr Robert Lustig

Search for 

the london Ankylosing Spondylitis diet

Dr David Perlmutter

Grain Brain – Dr David Perlmutter

Dr Richard Bernstein

Wheat Belly – William Davis MD

Zoë Harcombe

Zoë’s Thermic effect video

Dr Georgia Ede


Treflyn Jones

Dr Terry Wahls

The Bitter Truth


Quotes by Joanne McCormack

“If she was bored she would bake, if she had visitors she would bake, if she was sad she would bake, so she always ate a lot of sweet stuff.”

“I said, I am really concerned that we are managing diabetes wrong.

“The whole country has really poor diabetes figures when diabetes management is audited everybody gets worse unless they follow a ketogenic diet or a low carb diet.

“People can eat what they want but they have got to take the consequences, because the consequences will be deteriorating health and your health getting worse more quickly than it would do otherwise

“I started to think of them as a harmful substance rather than a tasty snack.

“Especially the people who are addicted to sweet stuff will probably want to continue to eat the things that they’ve always eaten and try to have enough medication to cover it.

“If you are ready, start making baby steps if you are not ready to take the plunge completely.

“I found cereal really easy to give up. I never felt tempted to buy a box of cereal. I never felt I wanted to have some.

“That’s where the vegan space is going, it is going into processed foods.

“Nobody needs to buy a gluten free product.

“But once a food eating pattern is taken over by the food industry then bad things happen.

“But nobody taught me, when I was a medical student that you could be a coeliac and live your life eating real food.

“It’s not harmful to give up bread.

“There is something about the understanding about the brain chemistry and how we’re all being engineered to eat these things. In understanding it, it’s not like you can immediately give it up, but you realise that you’re being played really.

“The big danger at the moment is it is being taken over by the processed food companies.

“We need to look after our microbiomes.

“Most of my patients had heard of low carb/ keto. They often thought of it as a fad but it is actually a very ancient way of eating.

“It’s a wonderful journey, I love the way I eat.

“Make peace with your fat and appreciate it is there for a reason.


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