December 15


118: Dr David Oliver & Dr Kim Andrews – The Freshwell Low Carb Project

December 15, 2022

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
118: Dr David Oliver & Dr Kim Andrews - The Freshwell Low Carb Project

Dr David Oliver & Dr Kim Adrews

 Dr Kim Andrews has been a GP at the Freshwell Health Centre in Essex since 2003. She has also previously worked as a GP with a special interest in Diabetes alongside diabetes consultants in Mid Essex.

She has been promoting low carb dietary advice to her patients for the last 4 years since her own father lost over 4 stone using low carb after a lifetime of obesity. She now enjoys watching her patients transform their lives using this method. She particularly enjoys deprescribing of diabetes and blood pressure medications and has seen 58 Freshwell patients in Type 2 remission.

She co-founded the “Freshwell Low Carb Project” in 2019 and has written two recipe books/meal planners to help support her patients to make positive lifestyle changes.

Dr David Oliver has been GP partner at the Freshwell Health Centre in Essex since 2004. He has been promoting low carb dietary advice to his patients for the last four years. Not only have the benefits for patients been transformative and spectacular, it’s also been an uplifting and exhilarating experience for him professionally.

He co-founded the “Freshwell Low Carb Project” in 2019. He developed the Freshwell low carb website and the Freshwell low carb app as tools to help patients on their low carb journey.

He is chair of his local Primary Care Network, an organisation involving 6 local practices, who have employed two health and wellbeing coaches who help deliver structured low carb education programme to their patients.

Dr Kim’s Top Tips

  1. Eat real food – if there is an ingredients list don’t eat it.
  2. Prioritise protein.
  3. Move towards intermittent fasting and time restricted eating – Don’t eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.


Dr David’s Top Tips

  1. Do what you can.
  2. It is ok to eat fat but don’t go too mad, focus on the protein.
  3. Download the Freshwell App.

Resources Mentioned

Freshwell Play Store App

Freshwell Apple App Store


Quotes by Dr David and Dr Kim

“We had alway sort of thought that low carb made sense but we’d never really formalised it before.” – Dr David Oliver

“We are starting to find it is actually quite difficult to find people who haven’t heard about low carb.” – Dr David Oliver

“I was a TOFI.” – Dr David Oliver

“Even I was yo-yo dieting to a minor degree.” – Dr David Oliver

“Every day we are picking up more patients with either a new onset of diabetes or certainly  pre-diabetes being a really huge problem.” – Dr Kim Andrews

“It was less hopeful before .”- Dr Kim Andrews

“For the first year I did have some down moments where I was just thinking “Oh my goodness, what have you been doing for the last 17 years of your career”.” – Dr Kim Andrews

“We don’t really talk about calories at all anymore.” – Dr Kim Andrews

“They have a better sense of well-being and I think a lot of that probably just comes from control. Feeling like they have some control over their future, over their destiny.” – Dr Kim Andrews

“I would say planning is absolutely key.” – Dr Kim Andrews

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