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121: Steve Bennett – Fat and Furious

January 5, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
121: Steve Bennett - Fat and Furious

Steve Bennett

 The current decline in our nation’s health makes me frustrated, furious and fired up to create change!

I am driven by a feeling of duty, to pass on the knowledge I have gained in turning my own health around (I was obese for over 25 years) to others. To do this, I spend most of my working days on several different approaches to health education.

I am passionate about preventing and reversing, diabetes type 2, obesity and metabolic syndrome across the UK. Therefore, I spend my working days on several different approaches. I created an organisation called Health Results to help people explore, measure, and improve their metabolic health and I am a benefactor to two charities the Public Health Collaboration (PHC) and the Colourful Life Foundation.

I am a dad to 7 wonderful children, 2 adorable grandchildren and husband to a great wife. My day job after the morning school run is following my passion to educate our country about metabolic health and I also executively chair several companies that I previously founded. I love adventures too, and have trekked to the North Pole, sailed across the Atlantic, undertook some mammoth Strive Challenges and more recently, along with several members of the PHC cycled 500 miles in five days with Zero calories! See “Zero five 500” on YouTube.

* I have wrote several health books, Primal Cure, Britain is Sick, Primal Gourmet and more recently Fat & Furious.

* In 2020 I founded Health Results to help the nation get healthier.


*I am a patron and main benefactor to the charity PHC (Public Health Collaboration), which aims to put prevention at the heart of the nation’s healthcare system.

In a Previous life….

* Owner & CEO of the UK’s fastest growing company 1996 “Sunday Times”

* Created jungle.com in 2000, built to £100 million in annual sales, then sold to Argos

* Created Gempoia, which floated in 2006

* Started Colourful Life Charity in 2011 and over the past 11 years have built 14 schools in India, 4 in Tanzania and 1 in South Africa. Our charity has Sir Richard Branson as its sole patron and we currently have over 13,800 children studying at our schools.

* 2011 E&Y Turnaround Entrepreneur of the year

*Owner & CEO of the UK’s fastest growing company 2012 “Sunday Times”

* Walked to the North Pole 2014

*Owner & CEO of PCW International Business of the Year 2014

* Stepped down as CEO 2018 to focus on studying health (especially my own)

* Bought back Gemporia, built it to £100m turnover and in 2019 so as to concentrate on getting the nation healthy, transferred 75% of ownership to employees.

Steve’s Books

The Primal Cure: Avoid Being a Sick Statistic – Steve Bennett


Primal Gourmet: Recipes For Primal Living – Steve Bennett

Fat & Furious: Not Your Usual Diet Book, The Primal Way To Live Healthier For Longer. – Alternative to Keto & Paleo Diets to Lose Weight. Supported by 23 medical professionals – Steve Bennett

Steve’s Top Tips

  1. Eat real food.
  2. Prioritise Sleep.
  3. Exercise appropriately.

Resources Mentioned

The Colourful Life Foundation

The Public Health Collaboration

Zero Calories – Five Days – 500 miles | The Documentary


Quotes by Steve Bennett

“I was sacrificing sleep

“We got buckets and buckets of cubes of sugar and we filled the coffin up bit by bit based on his food choices.

“The reality is bread is sugar, the reality is cereals are sugar, baked potatoes are sugar and nothing but sugar.

“It’s the duty of a director in a company maximise shareholder return on investment.

“Governments have got to start stepping up.

“We’re up against Big Food and Big Pharma.

“Those chronic illnesses that take up 4 out of 5 hospital beds.

“The blood can only suspend 1tsp of sugar at any one time.

“There is one thing the government has to do, is get rid of their stupid Eat Well Guidelines.

“So we have to get people disliking the fact that there are so many chemicals in our food that don’t need to be there.

“We’ve eradicated virtually all the things people died of 100 years ago.

Connect with Steve Bennett on social media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_HealthResults

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HealthResults2

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/__HealthResults/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX3CZqyxCLckpbJ3KsdXvJQ


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