January 26


124: Ian Lake – Educating Doctors and Clinicians About Type 1 Diabetes

January 26, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
124: Ian Lake - Educating Doctors and Clinicians About Type 1 Diabetes

Ian Lake

 Dr. Ian Lake is a GP in the UK. Having Type 1 Diabetes himself, he adopted a ketogenic lifestyle 7 years ago, which he feels positively transformed his daily diabetes control to near non-diabetes levels. He runs a website dedicated to providing information about ketogenic lifestyles in Type 1 diabetes and this month is launching a comprehensive course for healthcare professionals.

He self-experiments on ketogenic diets in type 1 diabetes and in 2019 he completed a 5-week solo and unsupported run covering over 700 miles on just 9% carbohydrate. In 2020 he took it to a whole new level by organising the zerofive100 project, a 100-mile team run over five days fully fasted with zero calories.

Ian’s Top Tips

These top tips are aimed at Type 1 Diabetics

  1. If you have injected insulin and your blood sugar isn’t coming down – do some physical activity.
  2. There are certain times of day when glucose control is harder (not food related) try skipping a meal.
  3. If you are keen to try the ketogenic diet for managing Type 1, read about it on Ian’s website and ask your clinician to support you.

Resources Mentioned

Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution: A Complete Guide To Achieving Normal Blood Sugars – Dr Richard Bernstein

Keto Live


Dr Ian Lake’s research paper

Nutritional ketosis is well-tolerated, even in type 1 diabetes: the ZeroFive100 Project; a proof-of-concept study



Navigating an annual review

The Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners


Quotes by Ian Lake

“I always thought I could outrun it

“I have absolutely nothing to lose.

“It’s downhill all the way from here.

“The realisation that you can manage your type 1 diabetes very, very well indeed with something simple like a diet has sustained me through the past 7 years.

“People who are on a keto diet have 6 times fewer hypos.

“Getting it wrong on a high insulin regimen is much more serious than getting it wrong on a low insulin regimen which is keto.

“93% of people go into a clinic and the general advice is for high carb diets.

“19% of doctors said they don’t recommend a keto diet because it is unsustainable or bland, where’s the science in that?

“You can eat anything but whether you should be eating anything or everything is a different matter.

“60% of people have done this alone with any help from any clinician at all.

“Diabetic Ketoacidosis can happen in any person with diabetes if you get ill enough but as a result of the diet itself.

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