February 2


125: Peter Ballerstedt – Don Pedro, the Sodfather of the Ruminati

February 2, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
125: Peter Ballerstedt - Don Pedro, the Sodfather of the Ruminati

Peter Ballerstedt

 Peter Ballerstedt (also known as Don Pedro, the Sodfather of the Ruminati) earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Georgia and his doctorate at the University of Kentucky. He was the forage extension specialist at Oregon State University from 1986 to 1992. He currently works in the forage seed industry.

Peter’s personal experience has led him to re-examine human diet and health. What he has learned doesn’t agree with the advice given for the past several decades. Peter is an advocate for ruminant animal agriculture and the essential role of animal source foods in the human diet. 

He strives to build bridges between producers, consumers, and researchers across a wide variety of scientific disciplines – increasing awareness of metabolic health and ruminant animal agriculture’s essential role in social, economic and ecological sustainability. Peter has spoken at many different events in the US and internationally. Many of his presentations are available on YouTube. 

Peter and Nancy live in western Oregon with their dogs, Conor, Noni and Iris!.

Peter’s Top Tips

  1. Cook ahead so you have food ready to go.
  2. Eggs are a super food.
  3. Be unconcerned about the label claims. You don’t have to worry about one meat label to another. Choose the food that you can afford.

Resources Mentioned

Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution: A Complete Guide To Achieving Normal Blood Sugars – Dr Richard Bernstein

PROTEIN POWER: The high protein/low carbohydrate way to lose weight, feel fit, and boost your health  – Dr Michael R Eades and Dr Mary Dan Eades


Good Calories, Bad Calories – Gary Taubes

Virta Health

Quotes by Peter Ballerstedt

“This idea is not new so this idea of a fad diet needs to be crushed.

“I saw a bad future ahead  of me.

“Nothing that I have learned since says this isn’t an appropriate way for me to be eating.

“The vast majority of their feed is not human utilisable.

“Cereals are an important food stuff in the current landscape but I would argue that it’s poor quality nutrition compared to the meat and milk we can get by feeding that small amount to ruminant animals.

“It’s critical for people to understand that the protein we get from plants is of lesser quality, almost universally than the protein that we get from animal sourced foods.

“You can’t replace food production with food processing.

“When people say “Our diet should be plant based”, my response is “It already is!”

“It’s remarkable how little land we have that can support the production of crops that we can eat directly.

“It’s not well appreciated just how poor a source of essential nutrients, most of what comes under the plant sourced food is.

“Sick is now the new normal.

“Be sure to take your daily MEDS – meat, eggs, dairy, seafood.

“If you are going to exclude all animal sourced foods, now you are in some very tricky and complicated territory.

“Somewhere between ¼ and ⅕ of children globally, 5 years or under, are stunted due to the lack of essential nutrients that they must have in order to develop properly.

“The production of ruminant animal products from the environment, is pretty well uniquely the only food production system that can share the environment.

“We have this tremendous problem of malnutrition in women.

“And we haven’t come to grips with the idea that a diet based on sugar, cereals and vegetable oils may not be a diet that can sustain your population.

“There is no vegan culture, that’s an invention of affluent  westerners.

“Can you imagine 10 billion well nourished human brains communicating, what problem couldn’t they solve?

“Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by choice.

“I want people to understand that eating more animal source food won’t kill them and won’t kill the planet.

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