March 16


131: Kathy Watson – Low Carb Doesn’t Avoid Illness

March 16, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
131: Kathy Watson - Low Carb Doesn't Avoid Illness

Kathy Watson

Kathy Watson says the Summer of 1976 was a scorcher and we had a drought. I was then twelve and it was a summer of pure freedom.

Freedom as a child running around without a care in the world, camping in the garden, swimming, beach days, etc etc


That was before adolescence hit and my then my lifetime became a trip of going on a diet , not dieting, pigging out, going on a diet , not dieting, pigging out! dare I say more! Over and over again.


But one thing back in 1976 that struck a chord with me was if you google it and see archive photos of the general public out doing their thing you will definitely notice that people in general were much thinner, children ran around with ribs showing and no they were not under nourished. They were a normal weight.


It’s hard sometimes to remember that. If you now Google photos of last year’s summer you will know what I mean.


My low carb lifestyle and enlightenment started four years ago.


I will be 60 years young this year so work out the maths.


A lot of years wasted trying to do the right thing, failing and now knowing through bad advice.


Kathy’s Top Tips

  1. Stop snacking
  2. Eat real food
  3. Consider intermittent fasting

Bonus Tip

Low carb is a lifestyle and you have to reaffirm that faith in the lifestyle all the time


Resources Mentioned


Diet Doctor


Quotes by Kathy Watson

“I had a little blip”

“I was undernourished”

“It was literally eating a meal and feeling really full then an hour later feeling hungry”

“I was the binger, I was the compulsive eater”

“If you didn’t eat breakfast you would die.”

“I was starving from the minute I woke up and I needed to fill my face”

“I celebrate every single meal”

“When people say low carb is so restrictive, I say to them “Is it really?””

“If it’s not on the plate on the dinner table, you are not having it”

“My diet was going to get me through this and feel stronger with it.”

“Sugar to me is cocaine”

“I gave up alcohol 18 months ago”

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