April 20


136: Danielle Eagle – Cold Water Swimming

April 20, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
136: Danielle Eagle - Cold Water Swimming

Danielle Eagle

 I am Danielle Eagle. I live in Sawbridgeworth. I help run the open water swimming at Redricks Lake in Sawbridgewoth, Hertfordshire UK, and have done so for a few years. Redricks Lake is my happy place and it could be yours too.

I enjoy helping out to see how open-water swimming can change lives. At the Lake, we are open all year around for swimming, in the winter we are only open at the weekends. Once the water temperature is over 14 degrees we will open for the summer season and we are open a lot more in the evenings in the week and some mornings. I enjoy meeting like-minded people and helping them grow with helping their anxiety and depression.

It has really helped my mental health by swimming in the lake. It is like resetting your mind and body to take on the next challenge in my busy life, I can not recommend outdoor swimming highly enough.

I run Full Moon Swims, which are evening swims. Swimming under the moonlight it is amazing.


Danielle’s Top Tips

  1. Come and try it you won’t regret it.
  2. Just come down and see Redricks (or anywhere near you) you don’t have to swim.
  3. Come and keep coming and it will put a smile on your face.


Quotes by Danielle Eagle

“You need to acclimatise.” 

“For me, it completely resets my body.” 

“It just makes you feel so alive.” 

“When you are in the water, you are not thinking about anything and you are just at one with nature.”

““It’s like someone has given me a new life”.”

“I always say to people, if you can go cold water swimming, you can take on the world.”  

“Every swim is not the same as the last one.”

“It burns calories.” 

“The people that shiver, you can see that their body is working correctly.”


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Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/300489263370967



Email: Redrickswinterswimmers@gmail.com

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